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      Alade Emmanuel

      🫵 You are fixed on only one sex position and are not willing to explore
      🫵During your free time, all you do is watch TV and stick to your phone. There is so much more to do in life
      🫵You let your spouse initiate everything; from conversations, family plans, love making, ways to improve, trips
      🫵You spend too much time at work, making your spouse feel lonely
      🫵You frequently come home tired and late, making no time for memories
      🫵You dress up for the public but don’t dress up for your spouse
      🫵You are ever complaining. Positive and appreciative words are so hard to come from you
      🫵You are too serious with life. It is so hard to laugh and play with you
      🫵You are selfish. Everything you want to do is all about you, you don’t consider your spouse likes, tastes and preferences
      🫵You are stingy with money you have that you cannot allocate a small amount to spoil yourselves as a couple or a family
      🫵When your spouse tries to flirt with you over the phone your response is cold
      🫵When your spouse goes out with you to events or activities, you look grumpy as if you are forced to be there
      🫵 You are a drama maker, not a peace maker
      Come on, loosen up, change. You are draining your spouse who wants to enjoy marriage with you.

      Marriage is more than making babies. It is about memories.

      Mr AHMA

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