Mr. Atanga bought a well from Alhaji Adongo, and paid in full.

The next day, Adongo came to meet Mr. Atanga at his shop.

Atanga: Ah, Alhaji, welcome. I hope no problem o.

ALHAJI: There is no problem, Mr. Atanga. I just came to tell you that I sold you the well, but not the water inside the well. If you fetch water from the well, you will pay me.

Atanga: Ah, Alhaji, I am very happy you came. In fact, I was just about to come and meet you. I don’t need the water in the well, I want to use the well to store some of my goods. So, I want you to come and carry all your water from the well so that water will not spoil my goods.. If you don’t carry your water by tomorrow, I will start charging you rent for using my well to store your water…

Neighbours are still trying to revive Alhaji Adongo..


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