Low Oxygen Levels and Headaches

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I woke up with a bad headache despite sleeping for eight hours straight. I took two tablets of paracetamol but it didn’t work. I took a meal and called the studio that I wouldn’t be coming to work today. They sensed it in my voice and wished me well.

I covered myself up to my head with duvet and slept. I woke up just before 2.00pm.

By the time I called Bissie Jagunna, one of my everyday gist partners at 2.15pm, my head was throbbing. She said I shouldn’t delay before going to the hospital.

So, I dressed up to go but I checked my blood pressure first (I always do this to know how best my doctor will help me and make his job easier. And I always make a list of what I’d eaten, taken or done before coming).


I called my son, Feranmi to let him know my whereabouts (I always do this in case I wouldn’t be coming home again).

He encouraged me to seek medical help but told me what he said he was sure my doctor wouldn’t tell me. He asked when last I opened my bedroom windows. I said it’s been long because of the rains. He asked if I know what goes on in the night when I’m fast asleep and there is no electricity for the AC to work. I said I didn’t know. He then lectured me.

Feranmi explained to me that when the windows are shut and there is no AC on, the level of oxygen drops and the brain cells begin to die. He said there are many brain cells, but once they start dying gradually, one will start experiencing some of the symptoms I’ve been having. It was a full lecture.


While we were talking, I opened all the windows in the house and sat down for a while. Within 20 minutes, the headache had disappeared. The only memory of it is the feel of Aboniki around my neck.

I did my own Google search and below is what I got. I hope it will help someone out there. But please, always talk to a doctor when symptoms persist. May we all have very healthy and happy lives, ameen.

Thank you Fernami.


Google Search

Low blood oxygen levels can result in abnormal circulation and cause the following symptoms:

shortness of breath





rapid breathing

chest pain


high blood pressure

lack of coordination

visual disorders

sense of euphoria

rapid heartbeat



Hypoxemia, or oxygen levels below the normal values, may be caused by:

not enough oxygen in the air

the inability of the lungs to inhale and send oxygen to all cells and tissues


the inability of the bloodstream to circulate to the lungs, collect oxygen, and transport it around the body

Several medical conditions and situations can contribute to the above factors.

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Dr Awofolaju Olubode

Dr Johnson  Olusegun

Dr Babafemi Thomas

Dr Kunle Ajayi

Dr Okafor Chukwuma

Dr Fashina Azeez


Representing Lagos NMA chapter

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