Islamisation and Fulanisation – Distortions and Manufactured Falsehoods

. I am not surprised that those that opposed President Tinubu’s presidential aspiration on grounds of being a Muslim, and/or because of the choice of his running mate, have gone totally silent and failed to commend him for appointing many more non-Muslims into his government than they expected so far! As is usual for most of us, as distinct from the loudest bigots, our preference is to see competent people of any religion than just any incompetent Muslim! Let us therefore persist in praying for President Tinubu to make us proud first as Muslims, by continuing to govern along the Islamic path of fairness, justice and progress for all. Let all our brothers in South-West pray for him to make you all proud as well. As Northerners, we are often blamed for the failings of past military and civilian leaders from the North due to no fault of ours. We pray that this will not be your portion. As Nigerians, let us not only pray for Presid

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