Employment Opportunity and Communalism in the Southern and Northern Nigeria

Your fellow Southerner is in a position to give you employment.

You go to him for employment.

You speak good English and write an excellent application letter to impress him.

He tells you to bring your qualifications.

You bring your First Degree (First Class or second class).

He tells you to go and do your Masters and even PhD for you to get the job.


A Northerner is in a position to give employment.

An Hausa Man goes to him.

He speaks Hausa to him.

He tells him to bring his qualifications.

He brings a third class degree or an SSCE with two Credits.

He gets the job and saves money to further his education.

He gets a Masters Degree while doing the job.

Tomorrow, he is appointed as Executive Director.

Ten years Later, he becomes Chairman or DG of the Agency.

The Southerner sees this and hates on the Hausa Man.

He accuses him of nepotism.

But that’s not nepotism.

That’s communalism.

Southerners must understand the difference between nepotism and communalism.

Helping your Brother to succeed is not nepotism.

Southerners just need to learn how to love one another like Northerners do.

Stop hiding opportunities from your people.

Northerners do not hide opportunities from their people.

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