AGBA JE RAUFU ………………….. In case you wish to know the Event that led to the popular Yoruba say, “ÀDÀGBÀ JÉ RÀÚFÙ” The phrase is not complete, historically, the meaning is ….. “Àdàgbà jé Ràúfù, ó sàn ju Ògúndèyí bá n múgbáwá (or ahá)”….. Meaning…. “To Change ones Name at late age is better than …



Natural Family Planning Methods

*Natural Family Planning Methods* In natural family planning the woman monitors her cycle By using natural occuring signs Such as mucus Discharges, change in temperature or total Abstinence Examples of natural family planning: Lactational amenorrhea method= this principle is based on practicing exclusive breastfeeding. The hormones prolactin suppresses estrogen and progesterone Total or periodic abstinence= …

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Where's the World Going To?

Where is the world going?  1-Adultery is allowed in South Africa.  No man or woman has the right to repudiate the other because of adultery anymore  2-The United States confirmed that all the countries of the world, to establish good relations with the great powers, must accept same-sex marriage (woman / woman or man / …

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