Natural Family Planning Methods

*Natural Family Planning Methods*

In natural family planning the woman monitors her cycle

By using natural occuring signs


Such as mucus Discharges, change in temperature or total Abstinence

Examples of natural family planning:

Lactational amenorrhea method= this principle is based on practicing exclusive breastfeeding. The hormones prolactin suppresses estrogen and progesterone


Total or periodic abstinence= in this method, you either stop or once a while have sex

Coitus interruptus or widthrawal method= here during Ejaculation you quickly remove the the penis from the vagina and dispose the sperms out of the vagina

Cervical Mucus method= During Ovulation period, there is discharges of mucus from the cervix and is an indication of dangerous period so you don’t have unprotected sex at this period


Basal body temperature= in this, there is slightly Increase in body temperature during Ovulation so you can use this temperature to prevent unwanted pregnancies

The calendar method= using calendar to track your Periods etc

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