New Strategy for Robbery


my husband and I witnessed a scene from our  window around 1:30 am to 2:45 am today and i have decided to share so that we all keep guard

 Someone intentionally left a baby, wrapped in a white cloth right in front of our  gate. The baby cried for over 30 minutes, and it stopped crying. A guy in black, hiding behind our wall, crawled to go hit the baby again to cry. When they realized no one was coming out to check on the baby, he crawled to go carry it off the road and in less than minutes, a taxi came and they went away

we had the contact numbers of our  neighbor, we called to ask if he had seen anything of that sort around his house and he informed us that, it’s a new strategy of armed robbers and that his elder brother was robbed  last week

let’s all keep guard.

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