How to Cope with Anger

How to Cope with Anger

Since anger is one of the leading problems in society, we must learn how to cope. There is not one time in our lives that we all have not experienced anger and maybe even acted out of control. When someone hurts us, irritates, aggravates, harass, threatens, or let us down we call get mad. Anger is either our worst enemy or our best friend. For example if another person threatens us and we act out in anger in a managed way, most likely we are going to have good results. On the other hand, if we act out aggressively we are loosing control and the other person most often will have the upper hand. When we have control of our emotions and feelings, it not only protects us, but also helps us to become successful in life. We know how to deal with situations when they arise, including financial problems, medical emergencies, and so forth. On the other hand, if we are entanglement then we is at risk, our health is in danger and problems are definitely going to escalate.

When a person is dealing with anger, he or she will often neglect to see the problem. The person may deny any actions that he or she has displayed. Denial is the leading reason why some never come over their problems. Another reason is that acceptance has never been put into force, as it should be. Mental health experts are in constant debate lingering over diagnosis. They will tell the patient that providing their diagnose is only creating a label that puts the patient in constant struggle. I disagree with this since a person needs to know what is wrong with them before they can deal with the problem.

This is a form of acceptance. Another problem is a person goes through a series of diagnoses before someone figures out what the problem is and this only causes confusion. Life is too full of problems to let a person wonder around in life trying to figure out what is going on. If you have root then it is often easier to deal with the problem. Anger is an emotion that has been interrupted by some force, person (s), and so on. If this problem continues, it only gets worse.

A person can only take so much in life before they explode somewhere down the road. Other problems are stemmed from mental illnesses and or excessive alcohol consumption or drugs. Not everyone with anger problems has a problem with alcohol and/or drugs, but in some instances, it is another problem that needs immediate attention. Likewise, not everyone with mental illnesses is alcoholics or drug addicts, and not everyone with a mental illness has anger issues. The problem then is buried beneath the mind. Somewhere in the persons, history people interrupted these people’s emotions.

Somewhere down through this person’s history he or she was taught incorrectly. Emotions are tricky and they can drain the life from a person. Therefore, when we know how to deal with emotions and feelings we are on the road to success. There is nothing more rewarding than feeling a sense of control and achievement, and when you feel this repeatedly you are teaching your self a self-control. It is important to seek help, finding someone that you can trust to help you deal with your emotions. This can help you find yourself and a way to control your behaviors. Behaviors are based on environment, functions, and attitudes.

When we are in an environment that is not good, then it is time to remove our self to another area to learn self-control. Bad affiliation spoils our habits as we are growing, therefore acquainting yourself with positive people can benefit your behaviors. Functions are the process we all deal with. When our body and mind are not functioning properly, we are going to loose control. Attitudes contribute to anger in the sense that if we are thinking negative, negative results will occur. Therefore, practicing positive thinking will enhance our lifestyles and help us to manage our emotions and feelings, including our anger. How to cope with anger depends on the situation and people involved.


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