5 Important Questions About Covid 19 Vaccine

Femi Animashaun  writes:

Sometimes we have to shake the trees and ask very important questions from the Government, especially when it comes to issues of the health of the People. So, I will ask:

1. Is our Government aware that the U.S and E.U currently have paused the use of AstraZeneca Vaccines, and the Vaccines actually come with labels saying not to be used in the U.S.A and E,U?


2. Is our Government aware of the One-Shot Johnson & Johnson Vaccine that has been discovered to have the best efficacy against the COVID-19 Virus?

3. Is the Government aware that Johnson & Johnson is a Black owned Company, which we all know will not have anything to do with possibly tainting vaccines for the use of Black and African Countries?

4. Are we aware despite the little publicity given by global media to the Johnson & Johnson Vaccine, it is considered to be and possibly the best Vaccine available today?

5. Is our Government in serious negotiation with Johnson & Johnson to supply and be the preferred supplier of Vaccines to Nigeria?

I ask these questions because I believe that Nigeria comes first, and the Citizens should have the best options in a Racist World that continuously targets the Black Population since the beginning of History.

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