I will give you FOUR examples…


Two young adults came to visit me one morning.

They needed money for food.

I told them that I do not have enough but if they don’t mind, they should help me and wash my car so that I can give them the money I budgeted for the car wash…..

Both of them left lazily and I took the car to the car wash……


We have approximately 10 trips of sand dumped by caterpillar.

I wanted to level the place for motorists and saw 3 young guys parading the street with noisy music from one China torchlight.

When I asked them how much they will collect to level it, they said 5k each, I asked them to commence. In the evening, I drove to the site with their money, I was shocked when I got there and noticed that they did nothing.

On my way back, I saw one of them who told me that they couldn’t find shovel to do the work…….


One undergraduate came to me seeking for assistance..

He condemned all the elites because according to him, they refused to dash him money.

While the discussion was on, my launderer brought the clothes he washed for me.

The young man was surprised at the cost.

I now asked him to learn the job so that I can talk to the elites to patronise him during holidays…

He told me that washing cloth for “bigmen” is washing away someone’s talent because they have “blood money”….

Their money is not blood money when they give you without work but will become blood money once you wash their cloths.


I met one of my friends one day, he narrated how he has been suffering and how he couldn’t meet up to his responsibilities as husband again, I felt for him and told him to join my farming business but to my greatest surprise, he bluntly refused and told me that farming business is not meant for graduates…….

At this juncture, I switched off…

No money in Circulation…

Overdose of Laziness in Circulation.

If you no work, you no go chop!

Please let us discourage the laziness and entitlement mentality from our wards, relations, friends.

There is more dignity in working than begging! May God help us

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