The Science of Anger

The Science of Anger

Few experts believe that anger is a result of a painful apprehensive uneasiness of the mind or illness. Others believe anger is psychoneurotic or psychotic disorder, namely depression. While this may be true for some individuals, it is not true of everyone. Anger is stemmed from hatred, animosity and it grows throughout a person’s lifetime developing into a much more complex issue. For example, a person with psychopathic tendencies, traits or personality has anger and it often is out of control when an act of violence occurs. However, this person may be able to maintain a degree of control by repressing his or her symptoms under the surface, or feelings and emotions.

It is said that psychopathic individuals do not have the ability to show emotions, however this is far from truth. While the emotions may be less obvious they do show emotions when they kill or hurt others. Anger comes in all forms, and it is all people. Some of us know how to deal with anger, while others blow up and cause harm to self or to others. A psychopathic will bury his emotions and act on them once the time is convenient for him. When he kills, he often strives for intensity, which is a feeling. Not every psychopathic will kill, but for the most part we can see anger within these types of individuals.

Another type of person where obsessive anger exists is bipolar personality types. This can be seen when the person explodes for no apparent reason. Bipolar a form of depression, which makes scientist right to a degree, but just as anger comes in many forms, so does people. There are many children in America living through their explosions, so this is another level of anger that we can analyze.

The problem with anger regardless of what form it comes in or who looses control is that it affects the physical. For example if a person continues to explode venting anger then the blood pressure is affected, the heart, the nerves, and the mind are all targets of anger out of control. In time if a person does not find a resolve for his or her anger it more than likely will take full advantage of the health. This means as the person grows older his or her health will most likely need long-term treatment in the medical field. Now we can see who benefits from uncontrolled anger. Not only are the person that has uncontrolled anger a target for risk, but anyone that is around this type of person is subject to harm.

In many instances, the person will strike out verbally, but in other cases, uncontrolled anger persons harm others physically. It is ok to have a degree of anger when it is healthy, but when you begin calling others names, hitting, kicking, biting, or what have you, then anger moved to another level. If you do not get control of your anger now, it is likely someone will take control of your anger later. Scientists and other professionals around the world recently study uncontrolled anger, but the problem is anger still exists uncontrolled around the world more now than ever.

The problems seem to escalate simply because scientists and others are looking at anger and not the entire formation of the problem. When we think of anger, we know we are dealing with emotions. When a person is young, that person needs education, parental guidance, emotional support, nutrition, exercise, and so forth. If this person is missing one or more of these necessities, something is going to happen in the future of that person’s life. Not always, but statistics show that one or more these elements lacking in a person has linked to mental illnesses, drug and alcohol abuse, crime and so forth.


Therefore, if you want to analyze anger the key is to analyze all aspects of the problem, including, but not limited to history, influences, upbringing, and so forth. We know that America leaders, religions and others has made grave mistakes throughout the history, have you considered this as a source for anger? We can see that the influences has lied, betrayed, murdered, and so on, leaving a bad influence on the rest of the people that were not involved.

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