Be an example

_*Be an example.*

_Learn your deen, don’t just inherit it. Be the best of you. You know, most people will not study the Quran nor the Hadith (especially non-muslims and some muslims too), they’ll study you. Be a best example to them. Let them change by seeing you. Don’t be more into words but actions. Just learning is not sufficient rather bringing to practice is. Try your best._


The unnecessary hype about sex has made many men to lose their originality in the name of trying to impress their woman.

 Originality is key in everything including sex and intimacy. Be yourself. Don’t try to copy anyone else. All we need is contentment.

 Although polygyny has a lot to do with sexual capacity, it is not all about that. I discovered and I will not stop saying that the secrets of marital sex is communication, nutrition and mutual understanding of each other’s nature. You don’t need to cut your life short because of sex. Using Viagra is dangerous. Ask your doctors, they know better. You don’t need to do sihr (magic) in order to please your partner sexually.


In my research, I discovered some men go for “gbere” (scarification) in other to proof “strong” in bed. Some women go for magical beads. These are forms of shirk. A man begins to think something is wrong with him just because he doesn’t do more than two (2) rounds at a time and he goes to any length to improve just to proof that he deserves more wives. Some women force themselves to go beyond their capacity just to prove their strength or for their men not to begin to think about another wife. All these must stop. Let’s try to be real. While it is important to prevent and treat all forms of sexual defects, going beyond bounds is not only unislamic, it harms the body and leads to regrets.

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