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      Meet yourself more, be curious about you, marvel at some of what makes you, you, your story, stories, sight, speech, scares, scars, quests and quirks.

      You will be awemazed by treasures you will find.

      You will be truly be surprised by just how much you like you, how much you love being with you.

      The more you meet you, the more you learn about you, the more empathy, goodwill, good expectations, forgiveness, kindness, compassion, love you will have for you.

      The more love you have for you, the more you will strive to be more, a better you.

      The more of you you love, the more of you to love.

      The more you love you, the more you will take care of the one you love, of you, of the ones you love, of possessions, of people, of The One, your Lord, The Most Loving One.

      The more you see in, about you, the more will be your gratitude for you, for being you, for all that you are given, not given, for all that makes you, you.

      What abundant, uncountable good, favours, blessings you have.

      What beauty breathes in you, what power pulses in you, what light lights in, from you, what love lives in you, what a miracle of life you are.

      What honour you hold above all his creation, what highest of honours bestowed on you by your Creator in His Creation of you, in how He Created you, in what He Created for you, for what He Created you.

      I testify.

      Truly, truthfully, beautifully, humbly, completely, certainly, I testify.

      I thank God for you, and you, and yes, you.

      I thank You God for me.

      Praise and adoration to You, Ya Rabb. Glory be to You, my Lord.

      – Summayyah Sadiq-Ojibara

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