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      1. Coconut and groundnut are sexual drive enhancers.

      2. Carrot and cucumbers are sperm boosters!

      3. Swimming enhances your memory.

      4. Dancing reduces stress, S€x is also good but do not abuse it.

      5. Exercise is a life extending therapy.

      6. Frequent talking with enthusiasm is an anti-aging.

      7. Masturbation can cause eye defect, weakness of penis and reduces your libido from 50yrs

      8. Congested bucal cavity is potentially hazardous, brush your teeth morning and night.

      9.Beans is an anti-cancer, you can remove the skin if it gives you trouble after eating.

      10.Eating smoked fish is suicidal because it is double monoxide and could elicit cancerous cells.

      11.Beef is very dangerous to those above 40yrs.

      12.Milk is not really ideal for those who experience noisy and stomach upset after drinking it. Such indicates milk fermentation in the system.

      13.Soft drinks and juices shouldn’t be abused. You can prepare your own juice with fruits. Dont accumulate synthetic sugar in your body.

      14.Make watermelon your companion as it cleanses your liver and kidney, and also enhances their functions.

      15.Eat apples, carrot, onion and other vegetables everyday.

      16.Cease your breathe for at least one minute when people cough or sneeze, especially in an enclosure or in a public transit.

      17.Washing of hands regularly is a major way of preventing some infections.

      18 garlic is antibiotics and antiviral plant

      19 Garlic clears the throat

      Can you please forward this to people you care about? I just did.

      Kindness costs nothing But Knowledge is power…

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