How to Determine Health Level through Stool

Your Stool


Please let us help someone in love with latrine to read this piece.


Let us discuss important health matter.shit

Your Toilet-Is Your Best Laboratory

(Someone brought this to my notice and I think it will be of benefits to us all)


1. In some Laboratories, one  cannot help But wonder why people queue always to submit stool samples. Understanding your stool can save you from many Troubles. You maybe skeptical as I was when Dr. Espinet taught us this for the First Time in Sydney.

2. Your stool is your Health. No wonder Major Laboratory Tests are done using your stool. I have proved this beyond doubt in any human I have come in contact with health wise. While I cannot deliberate upon many stools that people pass daily, let me quickly go straight to Healthy Stool.

Normal Healthy Stool:

★Should take 3-mins and you are done.

★7-10mins still using the toilet- You are not well.

★Healthy stool should be long at least one foot long.

★Light yellow in color because of the presence of bile. Similar colors are ok.


★Shaped or Shapeless √

★Brownish √

★Floating on Water√

Why Should it Float on Water?


★Because Bile is oily, oil is always lighter than water. Meaning that Anything that contains oil must float in water√

Bile stool is the healthiest stool ever.

It means your liver is very healthy.


It should be soft. It is the softness that facilitate The easy passage.

All Is not well If You experience the following:


★If you have News Papers/Magazines You read In your Toilet-Room, You’re not well.

If you browse on phone/laptop while Toileting- you are constipating/ you are not well. Diameter (1½ or 2Inchis/is OK)

★Narrow or very Narrow pencil-like stool is not a Good Sign Especially if It Mixes With blood & persists Up To 10-Days. It indicates growth in The colon. tumor: benign or colon cancer. (Stop All Animal Products Immediately and Go On Raw Food for Few Days)

White, Gray or Pale Color Stool Indicates:

Lack of Bile. (Cirrhosis, Hepatitis or Other Liver Diseases)

(Start Eating Peeled Apples, Watermelon and Pineapples to Cleanse The Liver) Limit Cooked Food Drastically.

Tomatoes, Vegetables etc Present in Your Stool. tells you that you eat Hastily, No Proper Mastication or Indigestion. (chew slowly and eat with grateful heart. Don’t Rush!!!)

Dry hard stool meaning you are constipating. The liver has extracted a lot of impurities back to the system. Also meaning delayed evacuation (you need to drink more water).

★★Pieces stool stand For–Complicated digestive system.  You have food allergies. liver problems.

★★Watery stool stands For poor or very poor digestive system.

★★Splash stool means overeating, wrong combination of foods, eating too many foods at once. Compromised digestive system.

★★Two/Three days without any bowel movement means some eliminating organs Are not working. Typhoid/Malaria maybe present.


★★Four Days/A Week One Bowel Movement means stagnation of lymphatic system.

★★Smelly Stool means completely or partially fermented foods. (Cleanse the liver pls)

★★Mucus Stool Meaning fermented undigested foods. While increased mucus in Your stool can be associated with inflammatory bowel disease like Crohn’s disease, or ulcerative colitis, or even colon cancer, especially if accompanied by blood or abdominal pain   (Over intake of Sugar/Pls Reduce Milk)

Gassy stool indicates gallbladder troubles, undigested proteins or liver Obstruction.

Unless you are on a cleaning diet, your stool should take the form of a healthy stool.

If you understand this technique you will spend less money in the Lab.


Remember, Good Health is not by luck, but by Implicit Obedience to Divine and Health Laws.


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