Sayiduna Aamir ar-Raam رَضِيَ اللهُ عَنْهُ narrated while we were with him, meaning, with the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ, a man came suddenly, a blanket thrown over him and something in his hand which he had wrapped up. He said, “O Messenger of Allah ﷺ, I was passing through a thicket of trees when I heard the chirping of the chicks. I caught them and put them in my blanket. *Their mother came (after them) and flew round over my head and I uncovered them (for her to see them). She came down to them and I wrapped them all up in my blanket.* I have them here with me.” He instructed him to put them down and he put them down. Their mother refused to part with them. So, Allah’s Messenger ﷺ said, *”Are you surprised at the compassion of the mother of the chicks for them? By Him who has sent me with the truth, Allah is more compassionate to His creatures than the mother of the chicks to her young. Take them back and leave them from where you had caught them, and their mother too with them.” So, he took them back.*

*[Abu Dawud # 3089, Mishkaat # 2377]*

Sayyiduna Abdullah ibn Umar رَضِيَ اللهُ عَنْهُ narrated: We were with the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ an one of his expeditions. He come across some people and asked, “Who are you people?” They said, “We are Muslims.” *A woman (among them) was kindling a fire under a pot. Her son was with her and as the heat intensified she moved him away.* She came to the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ and asked, “Are you Allah’s Messenger ﷺ” He said, “Yes” she submitted May my parents be ransomed to you! Is not Allah the most Merciful of those who show mercy?” He said, “Of course!” She asked, “Is Allah not more Mercifu! to His slaves than a mother is to her child?” *He confirmed, “Of course!”* She said, “Surely, a mother will not throw her child into the fire.” Allah’s Messenger ﷺ lowered his head and wept. Then, raising it, he said, *”Allah does not punish His creatures but only the obstinate and rebellions against Allah and who refuse to say that there is no God but Allah.”*

*[Ibn Majah # 4297, Mishkaat # 2378]*

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