Child Protection Legislation Offence

Child Protection Legislation Offence

A child should be given protection against any form of abuse. A child abuse can be disastrous for the child. In fact it can leave a permanent impact on the child. It is disheartening to read cases of child abuse in newspapers. An offense in the form of sexual, emotional and physical abuse is considered a big crime and may result into rigorous imprisonment.

Although there are various child protection laws implemented in many countries offences against children is still a big problem in developing countries. Due to strict implementation of child protection laws, offences against children have greatly reduced in developed countries.

To protect children, child protection legislation offence has been passed in New york State. According to child protection legislation offense, a person who is found guilty in a child abuse case should give information about their name, address, motor vehicle, employment and travel details such as duration of travel.

If any of the above information changes, the person should immediately inform the police. All this information is maintained in a register. This is done in order to keep a track of the offender. Suppose a person does some offense against a child and there is a witness to this offense. If the person who has witnessed, describes the offender properly and if the description matches with one of the records maintained in the register then the offender can be easily identified.

This register has been successfully used in identifying a number of offenders.
The child protection legislation offence laws that a person involved in a serious offence against a child is not eligible for any kind of amendments. A person committing a sexual assault on a child is not allowed to work with children. The person also cannot go to place that are frequented by children.

As child safety is given prime importance, such offenders are often big threat to child safety. These offenders are a serious problem to children; hence severe punishment should be given to such offenders.


The main purpose passing child protection legislation office is to stop child exploitation in any form. This legislation helps to hunt down any offend any missing offenders. It also involves electronic monitoring of child offenders.
Child pornography is increasing at an alarming rate in United States. This act is try this best to control this malice.

The child protection legislation offence keeps a check on child prostitution, pornography and predators. This act makes it easier to prosecute offenders who make innocent children as their victim.

Under child protection legislation a new act has been passed to prevent child sexual abuse. It is called Child sexual abuse prevention act. It is passed to protect a child from sexual offenders. The child protection legislation offence identifies threats and makes arrangements for a child’s safety and health.

It also takes the necessary steps to give better protection to children. It ensures that appropriate sentences are given to internet predators and child sexual abusers. The act states that it is offensive to hurt children and use technology to abuse children.

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