Frequent Or Excessive Thirst Causes Stroke


*Dr. Syed Latiff Alsagoff al-Hajj*

Three (3) years ago I was still exercising – cycling and fitness… very fit and healthy… But 3 years later I HAD A STROKE.

One day, when I stood up, my surroundings felt like swaying and my hands and feet felt tingling. Then 4 days at Intensive care unit (ICU), 15 days in the hospital room.

Diagnosis results: High blood pressure, thick blood, ruptured blood vessels in the right brain.

Got out of the hospital. Every day taking endless medicine… Various health products… Resisting pain, massage, acupuncture… Sit in a wheelchair.

Conditions like a 2 year old child learning to walk… It is not an easy condition!

I thought… Why do I have a stroke when I do regular exercise, no smoking, no alcohol, and no stay up late?!

I just found out that the real cause was: Long thirst… lack of water..!

Here I want to remind everyone: Remember to always drink water so that the body does not lack water! We need it every day.

Weight 1 kg = 30 cc

Weight 60 kg = 60×30


= 1800cc (at least)

When traveling out, bring supplies of drinking water. There are people who say drinking a lot of water make them often go to the toilet to urinate. My answer is… It is better to go to the TOILET often than to get STROKE!

Please always REMEMBER:

1.Before/after exercise, drink 1 glass of water.

2.Before/after eating, drink 1 glass of water.

3.Before going to bed, drink 1/2 glass of warm water.

4.When you wake up, drink 1 glass of warm water.

Remember: STROKE is no longer just an ailment of the PARENTS and MEN only, but the YOUNG children also suffer from STROKE. DRINKING ENOUGH WATER is a way of prevention.

*NB:* If we take enough water, it is not easy to get a stroke. So, I share this my personal experience to advise and for your consideration. May we all always be healthy, even in our old age.

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