New Technology for Child Protection

New Technology for Child Protection

The child protection act was passed to protect the children from the ill-treatment, abuse and the most sensitive issue child employment. Numerous agencies across the world have come up with various services for protection of such children. Various laws have been passed like the online child protection act that uses new technologies for child protection that help in monitoring the actions of these children.

New technologies for child protection that has proved effective is the child protection gateway or the CPG that can be fitted in the ISP (Internet Service Provider) network. This device helps in monitoring the threat of cyber-bullying and online grooming. The main principle of creation of this program is to protect the children from outside hazards without restricting the children from doing what should and what they should not do. This new technology for child protection provides secured services without the need of any parental monitoring.

The internet sites contain a lot of pornographic material that is available on different websites. Viewing of such material can be harmful and can often influence them to do the wrong things. Efforts have been taken to make such websites inaccessible to children and to put a limit to the people who provide such material. The online protection act also prohibits the displaying of such websites that are accessed by the children

Apart from the above technology for child protection, another introducing in this field is the GPS technology that can be installed in your kid’s shoes. These shoes are battery operated that can be recharged or replaced, depending on the use. These sneakers/shoes will help you keep a track on your child and will alert you if he/she crosses the set limits. The parents concerned about their child’s safety can now take a sigh of relief with the introduction of this new technologies for child protection.

In many of the houses across the world, working parents hire a nanny to look after their children when they are away. Quite naturally, the parents at times are doubtful if their children are taken care of by these nannies’s .They can now monitor things like if their child has been fed at the right time, if their child is not doing any wrong things and so on.

CCTV’s, new technologies for child protection, can be installed in the house that will record the actions of your child and the nanny too. Numerous software’s have been developed to deliver education and training programs that can help them monitor their kid’s actions when they are not around.

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