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*Q 4:*

 Is it permissible for a woman to pierce her nose and wear a ring in it? Is it permissible to use the “Shudhar”? “Shudhar” is a substance that is to be rubbed on hands after using henna in order to make the henna color black. Is it permissible to use black dye on the hands, which is called Duge?


This question includes three points:

*1- Putting rings in the nose. It is permissible to put rings in the nose, because piercing the nose is made for beautification purposes, not for harming or altering the creation of Allah.*

2- Rubbing Shudhar on hands after using henna in order to make the henna color black. The Sunnah indicates that it is permissible for women to dye their hands with henna, and scholars stated that it is Mustahab (desirable), and that not doing it is Makruh (disliked). There is no harm in adding “Shudhar” to it.

3- Based on what is mentioned above, the ruling of using the black dye, called Duge, is permissible. However, if the Duge is impermeable, it is obligatory to remove it before Ghusl (ritual bath following major ritual impurity) taken after Janabah (major ritual impurity related to sexual discharge), menstruation and postpartum period, and before Wudu’ (ablution).


May Allah grant us success. May peace and blessings be upon our Prophet Muhammad, his family, and Companions

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