By Salako Taiwo


For some reasons known to me, I’ve always tried to avoid writing what you’re reading today. But I wouldn’t say because my dear mother (my Wura) is a CHRISTIAN so I should keep looking when INJUSTICE is going on. Read it again! Yes, my Mum is that particular Christian Soyinka would call WILD CHRISTIAN. Serious one! So before you tag me a bigot/extremist, remember that I have a Christian mother I cherish jealously. After the Almighty Allah, my mother is my everything!

After all, it’s better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you’re not.

And, as the Yoruba would say, tell Gbadamosi drumming the beat of hypocrisy that he should bear in mind that Aibuki that would dance to it is not a fool. The Aibuki in this context represents the Southern Muslim faithful.

For more than a year, I’d restrained myself from delving into this issue. But I don’t think we can continue like this. Especially, when the other ‘part’ feels nobody would challenge ‘them’.


So I decide to write without fear or favour. Whoever ox is gored, ask yourself if you’re being fair to the Southern Muslims. An African proverb says: “He who has no wife shouldn’t bother about having an in-law. Clear conscience fears no accusation”.

You can attack me; it’s expected. But get ready for something utterly brutal!

Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said: “Tell the truth even if it seems bitter”.


John 8:32 says: “Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free”.

In the light of the above scriptural evidence, I write to call your attention to what I call ‘ ‘the appalling hypocrisy’.

I’ve heard a number Christians (you may like to read screenshots; I’ll give you evidence) saying Pastor Osibanjo must succeed Buhari because it’s the turn of the Christian faithful. And I always wonder if they’re not aware that the Southern Muslims have NEVER ruled the country.

Starting from 1960 when Nigeria gained her independence, no Southern Muslim has ruled this country.

Benjamin Azikwe – President (1960-1966)

Johnson Ironsi – Head of State (Feb-July, 1966)


Matthew Olusegun Obasanjo – Head of State (1976-1979)

Earnest Adegunle Oladehinde Sonekan – Head of Interim National Govt (August-November, 1993)

Oladipo Donaldson Diya (1993-1997)


Matthew Olusegun Obasanjo – President (1999-2007)

Goodluck Jonathan – President (2009-2015)

Those are Nigerian leaders of Southern origin since independence. All were CHRISTIANS.

In all fairness, have you ever seen a Muslim protest against that? Has heaven fallen?

No! No! No! No! No! No!

That the Muslim people don’t protest doesn’t translate into FOOLISHNESS! They’re NOT FOOLS!!!! In fact, take it or leave it, they’ve been the ones propagating what you call “RELIGIOUS TOLERANCE in the Southern Nigeria, especially in the Southwest!!!

We remember how some people insisted that a Christian must succeed Governor Raji Fashola in 2015. It’s on record! Did Muslims protest??? No!

We know how Ekiti and Ondo have been ruled by Christian governors. Did heaven fall? No! Have the Muslims protested?? No!!!

So if Southern Muslims are quiet, it doesn’t mean that they’re fools. No! The gentility of the tiger is never an application to its timidity. Apologies to Dr. Sikiru Ayinde Barrister.

I find it hypocritically appalling to hear/read that Pastor Osibanjo must succeed Buhari on the account of being fair to Christians. It’s the height of hypocrisy! It’s the height of indignation! The height of INJUSTICE!!!

Today, if one asks why someone like Raji Fashola is not qualified, they tell you because he is a Muslim; for the Northerners would never pair a Christian VP.

Please ask them: do they now mean being a Muslim disqualifies a Southerner from ruling the Country? Do they mean that Southern Muslims should continue to be ONLOOKERS?! So Southern Christians should always be representing the Muslim faithful at the Aso Rock Villa?! You mean the Southern Muslims are the proverbial men holding the cow for the milk tapper (just a paraphrase of a line in “The Tale of June 12” by Prof. Omo Omoruyi, while discussing how Shagari described Abiola’s role in financing the NPN).

Again, ask if CAN would ever allow a Muslim Cleric, like Pastor Osibanjo of the Redeemed Church, to rule this country? Can CAN allow an academic Imam to rule? Would they not tag him an extremist? Would they not protest against ISLAMISATION???

Would CAN allow a Professor of Islamic Studies, like Prof. Oloyede to rule?!

You see, I, Taiwo, would NEVER keep mute because of what they call TOLERANCE in the Southwest. Once they see anyone talks about religious injustice, they shout “NO! No! ‘We’ have been in harmony in the Southwest o; don’t divide us!’. If I may ask, how many of you are ‘they’ dividing? I WILL NEVER JOIN YOU IN KEEPING THE HYPOCRISY ALIVE!!! NEVER!!! If you like, call me names.  I’m ready for you!!!

Instead of claiming the right of succession, I expect my Christian friends on this platform to campaign based on Osibanjo’s capacity and anticident. They should rather tell us something special, which he can’t achieve with Buhari, he is bringing on board if elected. We’re not interested in how he can communicate from morning till night. If it’s about fluency, Femi Fani Kayode is an inimitable orator too!

If it’s about being ‘young and agile’, Babatunde Raji Fashola is younger than Pastor Osibanjo by six years!!! So stop fooling us!!!

Tell us his achievements as the Chair of the Economy under Buhari. Tell us.

But if you insist on using religious right, bear in mind that the Aibuki (Muslims) that would dance to your song is not a fool!

In conclusion, I’ve emptied my mind. The truth has set me free. Whoever ox is gored should remember how long he took me to tell this truth. So nobody can attack me without getting his/her pills .  That means, I don’t care!!!

Thank you and stay blessed!!!

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