Self-Esteem and Anger

Self-Esteem and Anger

How does self-esteem play a part in emotions and anger? When a person has a low self-esteem, they are subject to anger, since their emotions are off balanced. When a person feels good about them selves, they often have self-control, which makes their life easier. They are capable of socializing without running into problems along the way. Everyone has problems, but when we have self-control, our self-esteem is often showing to others. Therefore, we others see a confident person they are willing to affiliate with these person and may even wonder what the person does to have such a wonderful attitude. On the other hand, when a person has self-esteem issues they are often looked down upon since their behaviors are evident of their problem. Why do we have self-esteem? What is the purpose of this normal product in a being?

Self-esteem is a respect for oneself, and confidence within. When we feel in control of our person, we often know how to avoid problems sufficiently. Usually when a person has low self-esteem they often associate with others that have aggressive mental issues, low self-images, and more problems than the average deal with. When a person feels bad about their self-worth, they will often join in risky activities or intake harmful substances that only increase the anger inside. We are all different in our own way.

Some of us are abused, some heavy, some skinny, some beautiful and some are not. We can look at this in many ways to find a resolve inside our selves, rather than dwelling on what we cannot change. Many of the beautiful people prove ugly since their personalities illustrate unruly behaviors or attitudes. Therefore, are you are good person with a low self-esteem? If you are then you might want to boost that image of yourself since many people like a good person. Did you know that you do not have to be a rocket scientist to have a good outlook in life? When people see us smiling cheerfully when we are out in public they often stand back and wonder what high pill you take.


They will not wonder if you are rich, poor, or suffered a dreadful life, rather they will see the person inside. If you see how self-esteem makes or break a person, you will know that this is an instigator of your anger. We all deal with anger differently. When we deal with anger and good results come in the picture then we know we have control. On the other hand, if we are internally medicating ourselves, forcing our emotions to believe we are less than others are, then we do not have control, rather we have anger under the surface and at any time, we are ready to explode. Let’s review you self-esteem. How do you feel inside most days? Do you think that you are a good person and feel that your life is in control?

Do you spend hours in the closet trying to find an outfit that will enhance your looks? Do you spend hours in the mirror studying your features wondering what you can change about your appearance? These are a few of the signs that tell us what type of self-esteem you have of your self. And if you are spending hours finding a way to change your appearance you are only developing anger within, since you are who you are and you are not accepting it. Most likely, you endured some hardships throughout your history that contributed to your self-image, therefore you need to examine your inner being and inner child to find out what occurred that made you feel the way you do. If you were abused, remember you were the victim and now you are survivor.

That my friend is positive and it should help to see that you are worth as much as any other person in life. You are angry because of how people treated you and probably feel like you let your self down. This is not true! Someone else let you down, which threatened your emotions and this is where anger lies. If you have anger issues, get help, there is nothing wrong with it!

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