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I noticed we had grass growing rapidly inside my new compound, so, I & my neighbour decided to get rid of them.

I asked around and found someone who would do it.

Brought him to the compound, showed him around, so he said he’d clear it for 3K, but we can also negotiate.

Inside me, I was surprised because the work too big for that amount.

So, I told him we would give him 5K instead.

Mehn, the dude was overjoyed.


He ran off to get his working tools, got back and was almost starting off.

I asked him to halt, and confirmed if he’s had something to eat.

He said — No.

That he hasn’t even eaten since the evening before.

I quickly prepared tea, bread and fried eggs for him.

Chai! Tears commot for the guy eye when I give am.

He finished eating, picked up his tools, and worked enthusiastically with all his heart.

At intervals, I’ll stop what I was doing inside to check on him. Sometimes, chat and laugh with him. (Dude was a real jolly fellow eh, lol)

So, he rounded up for that day, and said he’d be coming around the next day to pack the dead grass.


I gave him the 5K.

He was really excited. I told him to take my contact so he could reach me before coming the next day, he said he would have loved to, but he doesn’t have a phone

Said he sold it 2 weeks back, so he could eat. All he had left was his SIM.

I felt his pain, but I remembered I had an Itel phone I wasn’t using, so I gave it to him+N500 for recharge card.

Tears just roll from the guy eye instantly.

And he said, one of the most deepest “God Bless You”, I’ve ever gotten in my life.

So, he left excitedly.

And, for me — I slept like a baby that night.

Dude came the next day, and continued the remaining task with so much passion.


I could literally see it all over him.

I shared from the rice I had left with him for breakfast, and by 12 noon, he was done with the whole task.

He thanked me endlessly, and left.


All these happened this weekend (Saturday, and yesterday–Sunday)

Now, I got a call very early today from him, and he gave me a great news.

He said his former Oga that relocated from Ibadan to Abuja, reached him on phone, the same yesterday, immediately he inserted his SIM into the phone I gave him.

And that his Oga told him he’s been trying hard to reach him for weeks to no avail.

The Oga finally asked for his account number and sent him N100k this morning.

Chai! Me sef come happy pass the guy sef.

He ended the call with these words —

 “Senior man, if to say I no meet you, naso this one for take pass me oh”.

Tears just drop my eye, aswear.


Why my long boring story?

Always do little things you can do, to change people’s lives. It might be little to you, but that might be the answers to their long-standing heart desires.

These bits of kindness must not come in monetary forms.

• You can tell people kind words.

• Give them a bit of your time

• Hear them out

• Give them warm hugs

• Never despise or look down on them

• Applaud them when they carry out duties for you


• Make them feel like the humans that they really are.

And, you might just be saving a life in the process.

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