Art of Asking A Girl Out

Have you laughed today?

Oya laugh small,


Art of Asking A Girl Out

 1. People who warm yesterday’s indomie. They don’t forgive easily

 2. People who dip bread in tea. They’ll put you in trouble

 3. People who eat cucumber and don’t throw up. They are mostly heartless >>

 4. People who warm pap. Come on! These ones don’t

 let go of things easily

 5. Those that convert their remaining stew to make emergency jollof. These ones are not loyal and will betray you

 6. People who parboil Eba. Ritualism.

 7. People who drink garri holding groundnut or dry fish on one hand. These ones are afraid of the future.

 8. People who use fork to eat rice instead of spoon. They like unnecessary suffering.

 9. People who hate beans. They cannot recognize greatness even if stares them in the eye

 10. People who uses like five big onions inside food and cut it big big like meat. They’ll cut your destiny short

 We wey normal for this country no reach ten I swear.

Happy weekend fans

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Art of Asking A Girl Out