Advice for the Retiring Officers

*Attention: 2022 Retiring Officers.*

Retirement is a journey, not a destination. Also, the process of retirement is more important than the goal. This is why I will be giving you the following advise, so that you will avoid pitfalls that could cost you a fortune and also avoid delays. I pray that you take my advise seriously to avoid non-payment, non-remmittance, under-remittance and wrong capturing.

1. Visit your PFA, ask for your *Comprehensive RSA Statement from 2004 till date* Sit down with it an study it for any anormaly.

2. Still with your PFA from (1) above, tell them you want to do your *Data Re-capturing/Update* This is needed to properly align your data with Pencom and prepare you for verification. No data update, no verification. No verification, no pension payment.

3. Make sure that your name with your PFA and your date of birth are correct. For instance: Sanusi Folake Adaobi is not the same as Adaobi Folake Sanusi (Principles of first name and last name).

4. If the name on your NIMC and the one with your PFA is incorrect, you’ll find it difficult undergoing verification. The earlier you start this check and confirmation the better.

5. Don’t think you have a year more. You are already out of the system. According to the psychology of retirement, from ages 35 to 45, that is your pre-retirement stage. From ages 46 to 55, that is your exact retirement stage. And from ages 46 to 60, *YOU ARE ALREADY RETIRED* Infact, if you hold an exhalted position, someone is already lobbying for it while you think you are still there. They can’t wait for you to go even as they laugh with you everyday, they are counting down for you.

6. If you do not have a Plan “B”, start thinking now of what you will do when you retire. The whole idea is to ensure that you retire for enfirement. You have to still be engaged so that you do not grow old too quickly  even if it is taking cake of your grand children, as long as it gives you satisfaction.

7. I will be sharing some materials here for all the retiring officers of 2022, *make sure you print them and study them very well*. All the guidelines for your verification are there. Do you know that if you are wrongly captured especially in your *record of service* which will also be submitted to your PFA, you might become a victim of *wrong computation?*

8. Remove your mind from Programmed Withdrawal of Annuity options of retirement for now, your focus should be getting  your verification right. You can start discussing that when you are duly verified.

9. Let your children know that you are retired already so that you can concentrate on yourself. If you have a child that is 30years and above that you are still supporting, advise them to go and learn a trade to be economically viable. If not they will eat deep into  your pension as if you worked and suffered together.

10. Read 1 to 9 again and only ask questions on areas areas.

If you see this on any platoforn, know that it is my *original post that was copied*

Yours truly,

Caeli Okpara

Pension Advisor.



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