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They Were Engaged!

Their wedding is few months away.

He stays in Lagos and she stays in Calabar.

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She went for a seminar in Lagos and decided to pay Him a surprised visit at home.

She got to his house around 9pm and met Him getting ready to retire for the night.

They were happy to see each other and she decided to spend the night and leave very early in the morning to her Aunty’s place.

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In the morning, she was already up and ready to move.

But he told her to hang on so he can drop her off on his way to the office.

So,  she had a little breakfast while waiting for Him to finish up so they can leave.

He was ready and rushed to the dinning to have a cup of tea and few slices of bread as usual.

On getting to the dinning, he realized there was no milk and he checked the flask to confirm if his fiancée had made his tea.

 Well, the flask was empty as well. So he called her to ask what happened.

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And she responded by asking Him if he expected her to manage a tin of liquid milk for two of them.

She said she couldn’t manage a tin of liquid peak milk for two cups of tea.

 She admitted to have used the whole tin of milk because she doesn’t like sugar in her tea as she prefers her tea very creamy and thick.

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She further told him to drink mineral with bread if he really had the need for breakfast that morning.

While advising him to always stock his house with enough beverages to avoid such an occurrence as she wasn’t ready to start mincing milk.

He told her he was really disappointed she could only think of herself by using the whole tin of milk and not consider him despite seeing that was the last tin in the carton and he lived in an area that had no shops around.

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He was aware he had just a tin of milk left in the house and he had planned to go grocery shopping by weekend due to his busy schedules.

She was an unexpected guest and he wasn’t aware of her trip to Lagos so the issue of expecting her and making plans for an extra mouth was out of it.

This little episode brought an argument that almost led to exchange of words but for the matured way He handled it and readily apologized because he didn’t want them to leave in anger.

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They quickly settled and He dropped her at her Aunty’s place, gave her money as usual with lots of hugs and kisses and left to the office.

2 days later, He called her to break the engagement and call off the wedding plans.

Reason: He said the milk issue had opened his eyes to the kind of insensitive and selfish woman he was almost getting married to.

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He said it meant just one thing to him, that his wife will not be a good manager of his finances and home so he doesn’t need that kind of woman as a wife.

What do you make of this?


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