Happy woman's day,👸

Today being women’s day….For All Lovely Ladies…. Women are storm of light at home. A home without any women looks deserted.

She does a marvelous job as home maker as well. If we men have to shelve out money for her versatile services at home , she will be entitled for a pay of Rs 1 lakh /month.

She is a great chemist. She brings the same taste every time she cooks a dish, be it for 2 people or be it for 20 people .

She is a great Psychologist. She understands the mood and temperament of everyone at home and deals accordingly.

She is great HR person. You ask for any paper like birth certificate, Tax, receipts, adhaar cards, office papers, there it is in a moment

She is a nurse. She can look after a baby and an elderly person equally at the same time with every nuance as per their needs


She is a great protector of the family. She does not spill the bean. Sometimes she swallows bitter pills for the dignity of the family. I salute her as mother, sister, wife and lovely daughter

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