By Dr Musbau Akinbode

Surulere, Lagos


@ProfOsinbajo, why are you running a surreptitious christianization agenda in the government? Are you the VP of Nigerian Christians or the VP of Nigeria?

Virtually all the appointments you influenced as a VP, and made in acting president capacity,  were to RCCG members. From planting RCCG Pastors-in-charge as DG, Budget Office (Ben Akabueze); DG, BPE (Alex Okoh) and Minister of Trade & Investment (2015 – 2019) Okey Enelamah, to appointing MD, Bank of Industry (Kayode Pitan) and Ben Ovwiosu and Akin Akinwale, (both Executive Commissioners, PENCOM), your appointment imprints reek of religious bigotry.

These cited cases are the high profile appointments. There are several other appointments in the middle and lower base of the triangle too numerous to mention which you gave your RCCG brethren. To make matters worse and further reinforce your religious bigotry, during your infamous acting presidency period, you hurriedly fired Waheed Olagunju, a muslim and serving MD, BOI, and replaced him with Kayode Pitan, a Pastor-in-charge at RCCG. Laolu Akande, your spokesman is also a Pastor at RCCG. All the appointments you gave to Yorubas during your acting presidency were to Yoruba Christians. None was given to Yoruba Muslims.

During the FRC Code of Corporate Governance issue, you practically carried the case on your head and influenced the sacking of Obazee (then Executive Secretary, FRC) and subsequent suspension of the implementation of the code because you wanted to protect Pastor Adeboye’s job. Contrariwise, when the Amasa Firdaus-NBA issue happened, mum was the word from you. You suddenly vanished and momentarily ceased to exist in a case of denial of fundamental human right by your oppressive Christian-brethren dominated NBA. Without you and in a case that happened in Abuja—right under your nose—Amasa triumphed at the end. What a shame! Your actions and inactions in the cited cases show where your heart and interest lie. Pathetic

Or what do we make of your wife, Mrs Dolapo Osinbajo, who goes about sharing Christian evangelism materials/souvenirs to attendees at public government/secular events where you, the VP, is invited as a speaker? A lot of nonsense going on in Nigeria. A probable Osinbajo presidency will be a terrible disaster for inter-faith harmony in Nigeria.

Despite the fervent and unceasing prayers of you and your RCCG brethren for Buhari to die abruptly so that you can take over the presidency, Buhari will outlive you, In Sha Allah.

By the grace of God, you will never rule Nigeria —both during Buhari’s remaining years of his second term or post 2023— because we cannot allow your Christianization agenda to fully manifest. That will be a disaster.

You cannot rise beyond petty religious parochialism despite your level of education and exposure. Tinubu clearly made a mistake nominating a Pastor like you as Buhari’s running mate in Dec 2014. He should have nominated a liberal Christian and not a fundamentalist and religious bigot. Your vice presidency and acting presidency have both been a disaster for Nigerian muslims in general and Yoruba muslims  in particular.

The allegations of your religious bigotry in appointments some years ago by Dr Ismaila Farouq titled “Osinbajo is No Saint, Consolidating for 2019” still ring true.

How ironic that a country where fanatical Christians who mischievously scream Islamization agenda every time and immediately develop hatred and bitterness towards Muslims and the hijab, want a ‘Pastor’ to rule Nigeria? What a paradox! You guys are jokers. Osinbajo, you will never rule Nigeria, In Sha Allah. The prospect of your presidency is an existential threat to Islam because in Nigeria because you have shown that you are nothing but a crusader-in-suit. Your loyalty is first to your faith before tribe and country. The Muslim Ummah in Nigerian will never allow you manifest your christianization agenda.

This is a wake up call to the Nigerian Muslim Ummah. Eternal vigilance is the price of freedom. Why should the Hijab stir bitterness and hatred in the heart of a Nigerian Christian when the crucifix does not inspire such in the heart of a Nigerian muslim? Enough said!

Dr Musbau Akinbode

Surulere, Lagos

November 2021

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