Why You Must Walk Barefooted

*Do you want to live longer? Ditch your shoes once in a while*

One of the secrets of good health in the olden days was that there were no footwear. They walked bare footed.

Grounding yourself barefoot


Earthing or grounding refers to contact with the earth surface

electrons by walking barefoot outside or sitting, working or

sleeping indoors connected to conductive systems that transfer

the energy from the ground into the body. Grounding reduces

pain and alters the numbers of circulating neutrophils and

lymphocytes and also affects various circulating chemical

factors related to inflammation.

Walking barefoot can decrease white blood cells count and

increase red blood cell count indicating a positive immune  response.

How Do You Do Earthing?

• This is by walking barefoot on a sandy surface or the grass for at least 30minutes

or lying on the ground. Anything that allows your body to connect

directly with the ground. Over time humans have had less and less

interaction with the outdoors. Our ancestors walked barefoot and

slept on the ground with a thin layer of animal hide.

• A typical example of earthing can be seen when we go to the beach

and walk barefoot on the sand for a long time.

Benefits of Earthing

• Better sleep

• Reduced pain

• Lower inflammation

• Better blood flow because it prevents blood clot

• Improves moods by alleviating anxiety and depression

• Improves balance and posture

How often do you see mad men that are roaming the streets suffer from diabetes, hypertension, delivery complications, malaria, arthritis etc?

Mad people don’t put on shoes…but they reap the health benefits even in their insanity.

You don’t have to be like them but try to ditch your shoes once in a while and enjoy the health benefits.

 (c) Ruth Damilola Akintola

 _Wellness Coach

– Nutritional Consultant



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