A couple came home at midnight after having a good time at a restaurant, only to find the smell of gas around the house.

The man went to the kitchen and detected a stronger smell. The subconscious mind pushed him to turn on the light. and the kitchen exploded, the husband died instantly and the wife was moved to intensive care where she still remains.

The furniture was seen 200 metres from the house, which meant that the gas pipe explosion was stronger than a bomb.

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*LEARNING* *POINT*: The lesson from this appalling incident is as follows:

When you smell the gas:

— *do* *not* *turn* *on* *the* *light*. BUT, OPEN ALL THE DOORS AND WINDOWS CALMLY so that no spark occurs, then close the gas tube;

— *do* *not* *turn* *on* *the* *light* until the smell of gas completely disappears;

— *also* *do* *not* *open* *the* *refrigerator* if you smell the gas. Because it also causes an explosion;

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 — *even* *the* *fan* *do* *not* *switch* *it* *on*. Because it has an electrical charge. JUST OPEN THE WINDOWS CALMLY.

You should not read this letter alone, publish it as much as you can, perhaps God will help you to avoid danger, and you will be rewarded.

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