Today some men are going to be kind to their mothers, wives and daughters, Just because of today is world International Women’s Day.

You will see them in the market places, some will be helping their wives in doing the house chores, am nah gonna say it wrong but try to be doing these small acts of kindness everyday.

Women are to be loved everyday not just a day ‍

Whether she is your “momma”, wife or daughter.

They’re all blessed to be loved everyday and all the time.


*Every month she battles with a demons called menstruation.*

The first day u saw her, she was just like Barbie doll with the round of figured 8 …..

But she gives up her shape and beauty just for you.

She got a nine month injury (pregnant)

*She becomes weak*

*Her mouth become tasteless*


*She is involved in some negative things because of the pregnancy that she is in.*

Now she has a stretch marks on her stomach just because of you. ‍

Women in the person of our mothers sometimes  never went to bed just to keep us safe and secure and she gonna stand by you until you feel safe and sleep.


At times we will start crying at middle of the night and then ya Dad gonna be like *” Grap n take u pikin e dae cry too much”* or *”dis pikin too lek for cry try take m”*

Now u have forgotten about all the times she spent with you.

Don’t love ya Mum, Wife or Daughter on a specific day ‍ Love them all the time.

*They deserve to be loved everyday not just a Day*




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