Corruption of Our Values Cultures and Traditions

I don’t know who wrote this but I got it off another platform and it resonates:

1. Another thing I have observed under the sun: IFA, the IFA Priests, Adherents of African Traditional Religion and their various deities DON’T GO TO ANYBODY!


As a matter of fact, it is an unforgivable taboo for an IFÁ Priest or any Priest for that matter, having done the job of divination for someone, to then take up the responsibility of REMINDING same person of what IFA had said yesterday concerning his case.

There is a saying of our Elders that clearly admonishes such men from doing that. I can’t remember that saying now.

Thinking about it now, it wouldn’t even be right to do that because our Elders also say: Today’s case can’t or may not be the same as it would be tomorrow, it is the reason why the IFÁ Priest must perform divination [ regularly ] everyday.

It is also TOTALLY UNHEARD OF that a situation will arise when the worshippers of ÒGÚN will be up in arms against the worshipers of ÒSUN on account of their deities.

It has never happened that the SÀNGÓ  Priest is fighting his ÒBÀTÁLÁ counterpart over a statement either of them made concerning their deities.

The ÈYÒ masquerade has never been known to visit the shrines of ÉGÚNGÚN to deliver the “good news of salvation”.


It was every man to his God, to his calling and to his conscience.

A man could easily enter into the shrine of Ayélála, if he is really so possessed with the spirit of foolishness, spit into the eyes of the Priest and kick everything in sight.

NO SANE MAN PERSON will try that but let us assume he was foolish enough to try. The matter is that, in all likelihood, the Ayélála Priest wouldn’t raise a finger to fight him. He will rather look at him in pity knowing Ayélála was quite capable of dispensing Justice himself.

And that Justice will surely be delivered.

Those people believe in God [ Olódùmarè ] and they DON’T FIGHT for Him nor any of their deities who they believe absolutely are messengers of Olódùmarè.

NO SANE PERSON will go before Ògún or Sàngó or Èsù deities and swear falsely. The result is instant.

Our people had SPIRITUALITY, they were directly connected to the Celestial realms.

We  dined and wined together freely and without the slightest inhibitions.

Infact, the IFÁ and Sàngó Priests will happily visit the homes of Muslims and christian, eat and drink whatever they offer and merry with them.


His mind and conscience very clear.

2. But same thing can’t be said about the Religions that have come to format our brains.

Things have changed.

The CHRISTIAN and MUSLIMS, especially today’s fanatics, won’t behave properly. They are quite different.

We started with the orthodox. They uprooted our people, collected the proverbial “Saturday” from their hands and gave them the proverbial “Sunday”.

They targeted the low-lives, never-do-wells and outcasts of the various communities, “elevated” and gave  them previleges through their process of false education and through them gained entry into the secrets of the people.

At the end, everyone is totally emasculated and the results are what we grapple with today.

The Pentecostals, inspired by the money-worshipping Americans, took the game to insane hieghts

Now, we have Churches in every corner of our streets but Sanity, Godliness, Peace etc have long departed.

The Muslims, encouraged by the madness of the various Islamic Doctrines of Salafism, Wahhabism, Jihadism and the many other madness they have developed, things that have no connections with us, have managed to creep into our consciousness.

Now, brothers of the same mothers won’t eat in same bowl nor drink from the same cups on account of some foolishness they aquired from some Imams and Pastors.

These ones will not only fight for their Gods, they will kill for him and even for their Pastors and Imams.


Now, they have systematically destroyed our communalism embedded in the Extended family system.

The Pastorprenuers have told us there are witches and wizards in our villages and even our neighbors [ when they aren’t born, especially when they are poor or poorer than us ] can’t be trust. We should rather spend Mondays- Sundays on their unending church programs.

We have been mightily DISTRACTED!!!!!


Now, the Pastorprenuers have told us that Polygamy is a sin. They conveniently look away from the many  Old Testament stories of polygamy.  The same people got their stupid Doctrines from the same place where men and getting married to men in churches.

Now, brothers have been turned against brothers, Neighbours don’t act like the  Neighbours I grew up with in my childhood.

The same people who fight and kill for their Gods.

Muslims can behead someone in Kano- Nigeria because a man drew a cartoon in Denmark-Europe

I am not too sure what some of my Muslim family members may do if I decide to play with their copies of the Quran. I know men have been beheaded in  Northern Nigeria for as much as “soiling” the Qu’ran.

Imbeciles and Barbarians!!!!

Now, they have corrupted our VALUES, CULTURES AND TRADITIONS.

Now, our OBAS have become glorified errand boys!!!!

Whereas, when you were going to be an OBA, ALÁSE IGBÁKEJÌ ÒRÌSÀ, things got packed into you that makes you immediately transcend the realms and spheres of ordinary mortal and next only to the Gods.


The OBA sits above all things and People and he is the grand custodian of all the CULTURE, TRADITIONS AND SPIRITUAL ESSENCE OF THE PEOPLE.

The Voices of Men, the Spirits and Deities are gathered and poured into only him.

Such a man isn’t the type that should die in a road or air accident or by bullet.

He is not the man that is seen any how or anywhere.


Such a man is not the type that will be seen gallivanting up and down like that miserably lost soul in ÌWÓ.

Such a man isn’t to be seen getting divorced by a woman or trailing behind another woman  to Church Crusade all over the place.

What nonsense!!!

The other day we saw the old man who sits on top a very highly reverred stool, strolling to London with Seven wives, all of them posing for pictures in front of Buckingham Palace like every other tourists.


In Abeokuta, one of the first class OBAS will gather his Three wives and be dancing at Square in Pansheke Busstop, saying he is praising the Lord.

Can you imagine all the rubbish these people have turned us into????

The abominations are getting  just too many it is absolutely impossible for people to experience peace in such huge mess!!!!

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