Permit me to ask these two questions? What are you in your institution, company, church, family? Are you a pillar or a caterpillar? Search your silent soul, and answer those two questions.

A pillar means you are a very vital, instrumental and monumental person in that place. That is, you make things work and move. You are a wealth of strength. I hope you know what a pillar does to a building. Without the pillar (s), things fall apart. Therefore, a pillar is that person who is both available and responsible, not incorrigible. Someone people can rely on. Someone whose availability is assured and has the ability, and also ready to take responsibility. People do crave the company of pillars. For they support others. They encourage, empower, educate and edify – people. They don’t bring others down, so as to push, thrust and surge themselves upwards. Pillars are mentors, not tormentors.

Being a caterpillar on the other hand means people dread you. Hence they avoid you like plague or a pestilence. Remember dread in this case is a superlative of fear. Caterpillars are tormentors, not mentors. Before a caterpillar undergoes a complete metarmophosis to become a beautiful butterfly, no one likes it all. It looks hideous and ugly like sin. So, some people look like caterpillars. People just fear them. The fear is the bad one. Not that fear like the fear of God. When you appear, people disappear, they run away as fast as a deer to save their dear lives, maybe because your character is in question. Your position and position scare and intimidate many. Imagine if a father becomes a caterpillar in a family, or an employee is a caterpillar in a certain institution. That one means that things will fall apart. That is too sad. Too bad. It beats logic, and defeats purpose.

So, today, wherever you are, you can choose to be a pillar, not a caterpillar. Be a pillar in your group, class, family, school, church, county,community and country. Be even a pillar in this platform. And make the house stand. Don’t bring down what people have toiled and moiled, shed tears, and lost many gallons of blood to build. Be supportive. Be  wealth of strength. Bring wealth and health where you are. Do not make people sick and tired. Do not scare people. Make projects succeed. Generate brilliant ideas. Think of solutions, not problems. Be a perpetual optimist, not a cheerful pessimist. Bring people together. Don’t plant seeds of discord and division. Be committed to purpose. Touch lives. Shape destinies. Empower, encourage, educate, edify – people.

Son and daughter of destiny. Be a pillar. Not a caterpillar.

 Beloved brethren, Continue to enjoy a fabulous   YEAR 2021 !!!

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