We subjoin a table showing the average salary or wages in one hundred of the leading occupations. In most cases the figures have been compiled from government reports, but where no reports could be obtained an estimate has been made by taking the average receipts from certain districts. In the latter instances, of course, the table cannot be considered perfectly reliable; this is especially the case with the professions of the lawyer, the doctor, and the clergyman. Still, as the sections of the country taken may be considered as fairly representative of the whole, the figures will probably be found not far amiss.

Some persons will be surprised to learn the average lawyer and physician receive respectively only $1,210 and $1,053, but they should bear in mind that while the pay in these professions is sometimes as high as $25,000 and even $50,000 a year, a great number of beginners and unsuccessful men are toiling–or not toiling–for a mere pittance. Were it not for the ten per cent. of very successful men in these professions who are making fortunes, the average receipts would be even smaller by two or three hundred dollars than they appear in the table.

Other cases where the figures may not have as much value as could be desired are under the headings which really comprise a group of occupations instead of a single one, as that of the journalist and the electrician; yet others where the general name is that of a genus comprising many species, as that of the engineer; and still others where there is a great difference in the value of the work performed, as in the case of teachers and factory operatives. Again, in business ventures, such as those of storekeepers, bankers, brokers, and others, many have actually lost money, and this reduces immensely the average, while among the so-called working classes, days of idleness, willing or enforced, operate in the same way.

Yet, on the whole, if any one consults the table as a general guide to the pecuniary rewards of the various trades and professions, he will find that they have been placed in their relative financial standing. In the occupations named, employees are generally meant, employers and independent workers being printed in capitals.



Engravers (wood), $1,684 SURGEONS, 1,616 THEATRICAL MANAGERS and SHOWMEN, 1,605 BANKERS and BROKERS, 1,601 Electricians, 1,560 SALOON-KEEPERS, 1,475 Designers (textile), 1,383 Decorators (china and stone ware), 1,248 HOTEL-KEEPERS, 1,245 LAWYERS, 1,210 Architects, 1,206 Teachers (all kinds of schools), 1,153 DAIRYMEN, 1,152

MERCHANTS, 1,149 DENTISTS, 1,115 Engineers (all kinds), 1,092 Draughtsmen, 1,090 Furniture-Workers, 1,087 PHYSICIANS, 1,053 Dyers, 1,040 Furriers, 1,036 Engravers (metals), 1,014 Actors, 989 LIVERY-STABLE KEEPERS, 981 Journalists, 979 CLERGYMEN (house-rents not included), 963 MEAT-DEALERS, 951 Painters (house), 936 GROCERS, 935 Gunsmiths, 930 RESTAURANT-KEEPERS, 924 Masons, bricklayers and plasterers, 919 Plumbers, 919 Electrotypers, 911 Hatters, 910 Musicians, 899 Miners, 892 Bookbinders, 884 Goldbeaters, 858 Watchmakers, 832 Door, sash, and blind-makers, 780 Glass-workers, 778 Boot and shoemakers, 773 Blacksmiths, 750 Carpenters, 750 FARMERS (including living), 749 Conductors and motormen, 728

Telegraphers, 720 Cooks, 720 ARTISTS, 713 PHOTOGRAPHERS, 702 Typewriters, 690 Cigarmakers, 676 Coopers, 675 Printers, 660 Millwrights, 650 Harness-makers, 648 Soapmakers, 646 Upholsterers, 642 Quarrymen, 635 Sawyers, 630 Tailors, 626 Locksmiths, 624 Machinists, 624 Press-feeders, 624 Firemen, 624 Sailmakers, 623 Coachmen, 620 Barbers, 619 Clerks, 608 Cutlers, 598 Moulders, 595 DRESSMAKERS, 593 Boiler-makers, 584 Cabinet-makers, 572 Tinsmiths, 571 Carriage-makers, 572 Draymen, 520 Butchers, 517 Soldiers, 514 AUTHORS, 502 Agents, 496


Millers, 495 Waiters, 494 Lumbermen and raftsmen, 482 Brewers, 480 Tanners, 468 Farm laborers (besides board), 456 Factory operatives, 450 Weavers, 450 Peddlers, 440 Bartenders, 425 HUNTERS, TRAPPERS, and GUIDES, 416 Gardeners, 390 Laborers, 390 Sailors, 375 Confectioners, 347 Stevedores, 336 Nurses (besides board), 285 Hostlers (besides board), 180 Servants (besides board), 162 */

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