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      Watching one of actress(name withheld) video on the attack on her daughter made me remember the wickedness of young girls.

      The daughter is in the University. Her mother gave her a beautiful water bottle to take to school. This girl woke up at 3 am to drink water from the bottle, guess what? It was hypo she drank.

      She was taken to three hospitals before she could be treated properly. No one can convince me it wasn’t deliberate. Nobody washes water bottle with hypo, are you bleaching it? So how did the hypo get into the water bottle.

      The culprit(s) might never be found but this is to let you know we have psychopaths in Nigeria too. How do you conceive such evil against another human being. These are young girls. Imagine what their lives will be in future.

      I remember an incident in University some years back. I think I wrote about it here. This young girl was a virgin and was proud of it. One of her roommates was jealous of her saintly prestige and decided to make her one of the sinners in the room.

      She plotted with some boys and arranged for them to rape her so she will no longer brag about her virgin status and will be shamed at school. How did she perpetrate the crime? She asked the virgin to accompany her to visit a friend and took her to the lion’s den. There were three boys in all. She left her with them under the guise of picking a call outside due to poor network service and went back to the hostel.

      The boys had drank and smoked so they were high. The virgin cried and begged but they were not interested. The first guy that attempted to rape her discovered she was truly a virgin. He was high but he stopped himself. He didn’t allow the other guys to rape her. He warned her to avoid her roommate because she orchestrated the whole thing. He also warned her not to tell the roommate what happened there. He didn’t want her to know they did not deliver on their promise. He couldn’t do it.

      The virgin escaped with her dignity. She went back to her room, packed a bag and from there went home. The same roommate who plotted her downfall called her to ask her if she had left the house giving a flimsy excuse for why she left. She also asked the virgin how she was. She responded calmly.

      The virgin told her parents what happened. Technically, she was not raped. The boys were picked up and they confessed to being hired by her roommate to rape her. Not just rape her, gang rape her. You can imagine the heart of this young girl who was not more than nineteen.

      The police lured the roommate to the station. It was a no brainer for them to see clearly she was guilty. She couldn’t deny the overwhelming evidence. She discovered the cat had been let out of the bag. She admitted to what she did. When asked why she did it, she said her roommate was too proud and bragged about her virginity. She just wanted her to lose it and be like the rest of them in the room. That was all. She had even gone ahead to spread a rumour in the hostel that the virgin had lost her virginity.

      It was a serious offence which was handled quietly because the parents got involved but it scarred the virgin. You can imagine that kind of hatred someone has for you not because you offended them but because you chose to be chaste.

      While we pray for our children in school, kindly teach them these principles.

      1. Trust no one.
      2. Avoid eating or drinking unattended food or drink. Even if your friends were watching over it, discard it and place a new order.
      3. Do not reveal too much about yourself. Innocent conversation can trigger jealousy or some psychopaths.
      4. Don’t escort your friend to a guy’s house. That’s not the reason you are in school. I don’t encourage it at all.
      5. There must be someone that they can share their activities and itineraries with. This is very important.
      6. Select friends carefully.
      7. If you have a feelings something isn’t right then don’t do it. Listen to your intuition, it works like a guardian Angel warning you of imminent danger.

      Well, these stories are not new. We even heard of younger children doing worse. Our prayer should be God protect our children and please let them also not be found wanting.

      Good day.

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