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      Having vagina, boobs, and hips doesn’t make you a woman.

      A woman is the one who feeds a man with encouragement and ideas

      A woman is the one who helps a man to save and invest wisely .

      A woman does not run her mouth with sarcasm and insult just to prove a point, rather her words are gracious and can heal a broken heart .

      A woman is the one that knows when to talk and to keep Quiet.

      A woman is the one that doesn’t leak secret.

      A woman is the one that is content with what she has, and not the one that sells her self for material things.

      A woman is a manager, a caretaker,a womb that can nature and birth destinies .

      A woman doesn’t do trending things, but she is reserved and has a taste of a Queen.

      A woman doesn’t look down on any man because of his present state of life and financial status, rather she encourages any man to get better.

      A woman is the one that does not just bears babies, but bear ideas and inspiration anytime, anywhere.
      A woman is the one a man can cry on her shoulders and not feel humiliated for doing so nor lose his value .

      A woman is not the one that deceive a man just to eat his money, but the one who is honest and sincere in any relationship.

      .A woman. Is not the one that makes men feel terrible, but the one a man can run to for comfort.

      A woman is the one that will spoil a man with honour and respect because there lies her strength and integrity .

      A woman is an influence, a nation and a helper.

      Many are females but only few can be called a woman.

      Now ask yourself today,
      am I a woman.

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