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      Your friends are not the ones who comes to your house for gossip.

      ▪️They’re also not the ones who support you when you’re going wrong.

      ▪️They’re really not the ones who post your pictures on WhatsApp status with different captions.

      Then, Who Are They 🤷🏼‍♂️🤔

      ⚱️ Your true friends are the ones who advise and correct you.

      ⚱️They share with you business ideas and other opportunities.

      ⚱️They encourage and motivate you.

      ⚱️ They draw you closer to God.

      ⚱️ They stay with you through good and tough times.

      ⚱️ Your true friends are the ones who still flow and stay relevant to you even when they’re not getting any material benefits from you.

      👂🏼Someone you’ve not met physically before but only online can be your true friend because they want to see the best in you, they want you to succeed and shine bright and they always impart you positively in many ways….

      While the ones you call bestie can be your main enemies because they don’t want you to succeed more than them, they hide opportunities away from you, give you bad advice and laugh at you in their room when you start failing and falling…yet they’ll still be the first persons to post your pictures and call you sweet names.

      🔸 Some of your friends aren’t supposed to be your friends…and until you disassociate from them you’ll never move forward in life.
      It’s not like they’re evil, but their mindset, reasoning, lifestyle and mentality will only influence and impart you negatively and draw you backwards.
      While some are purely evil minded and wicked pretending to be a friend.

      More than half of your friends envy one or two things about you…
      Either your beauty/handsomeness, your financial level, achievement, educational background, your loving and peaceful relationship/marriage, talent or the grace you carry.

      Your friends can easily become your enemy without your knowledge.

      Trust with sense, Stay safe.

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