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      What you must learn about loneliness !

      The worst human sickness is loneliness. Loneliness is not the absence of people around us. You can be among people and still feel lonely.

      Loneliness and quietness are not the same. While quietness enhances creativity and innovation, Loneliness leads to depression and retrogression.

      It is good to understand what this mean.

      Many single people are lonely. Many married people are also lonely. Even some parents with kids are lonely.

      Millions of married people will likely not chose their spouse again if they have a chance to make same choice. If marriage have expiration date, many people will not renew their vows.

      Loneliness is a state of mind…lost and confused state of separation.

      In that state,, you could be lying down with your partner while absent minded.
      In that state, you may lose appetite for living because you feel inadequate, incapable, unwanted, bored and let down. More than that, you feel as though your time has passed.

      Loneliness lead to other sicknesses like cancer and obesity. It creates bitterness, quickens anger, oils resentment, and nourishes hate, even self hate.

      In some ways, it could lead one to commit other crimes like rape, murder, abuse, mistreatment of housemaids and or engage in drug uses.

      Loneliness might seem like a trivial health concern, but it packs a powerful punch.

      Blood pressure is as much as higher if you make loneliness your friend with worries. Loneliness affect obesity. Chronically lonely people experience constant bodily wear and tear, accelerating the aging process. So, you can see how devastating it can be.

      As people, do not forget to care for another. Ask them questions. Respond to greetings.
      Be serious but find time to play.

      If you are lucky to have a partner, please I beg of you, to do everything to find their heart and be close to it. Learn your spouse. Dig into the little things that make people happy.

      Do not assume that you know your spouse. A lot of people do not really know what is in the mind of their bed partners. So many enemies live together.

      Many have lost today because of their yesterday’s lust. Find out about people to help them live. Be an angel, not a discipline master or mistress.

      It’s ok to act silly and naughty in some days. Take life easy and rest. Yes, joke as well. Remember years of your youth and act youthful sometime.

      If you know how to dance, dance. If you can sing, sing. And if you still got it, flaunt it.

      Most important is this: Do not ignore those who greet you. Return greetings. Appreciate and share grace.

      Do not feel stuck up. Loosen up.

      Do not act too churchy. Draw people closer. The Prophet played with people.

      So, let’s play. It’s ok to play. We will not die if we do.

      ……stay blessed

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