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      1. No to reusing oil. 2. No powdered milk
      3. No Maggie Cubes. 4. No carbonated juice (32 sugar cubes per liter)
      5. No processed sugars. 6. No microwave
      7. No prenatal mammogram, but echomamar can be used
      8. Don’t wear bras that are too tight or wear them after work
      9.Alcohol,NO. 10.Reheating frozen meals,NO.
      11. Do not store water in the refrigerator in plastic bottles.
      12. Not all birth control pills are good bcos they alter a woman’s hormonal system & cause cancer.
      13. Deodorants are dangerous, especially when used after shaving.
      14. Breastfeeding is less likely to cause cancer than formula.
      15. Cancer cells eat mostly sugar & all artificial sugar, even brown.
      16.A cancer patient who abstains from sugar in his diet finds that his disease has receded & he can live a long life. Sugar = D mortal enemy.
      17.A cup of beer stays in d body for 5hours, & during this time d organs of d system work in slow motion because of this cup

      Yes to:
      1️⃣ Vegetables
      2⃣ Honey in reasonable quantity instead of sugar
      3⃣ Vegetable proteins like beans instead of meat
      4 ⃣ two glasses of water on an empty stomach before brushing your teeth and upon waking by drinking water kept in the room at the same room temperature
      5️⃣ Unheated meals
      6⃣ Anti-cancer juice:
      Aloe vera + ginger + parsley + celery + bromelain (pineapple middle).. Mix and drink on an empty stomach.
      7⃣ Other anti-cancer juices: Corosol (seedless) + Bromalain.
      8⃣ Eat raw or cooked carrots or their juice daily.

      D American Physicians Association gave answers to d cause of cancer:
      1️⃣ Don’t drink tea from a plastic cup
      2️⃣ Don’t eat anything hot in a paper or plastic bag. Example: potatoes (fries).
      3️⃣ Don’t use plastic in d microwave

      🔴 When plastic comes in contact with heat, it creates chemicals that can cause 52 types of cancer.
      🔴 This message is worth more than 100 useless short messages.
      🔴 Inform your loved ones in order to be far from these bad things.

      ⚠ Avoid drinking Coca-Cola over pineapple or after eating pineapple for dessert.
      Do not mix pineapple juice with Coke. THIS MIX IS ​​KILLER! People are dying there & mistakenly believe that they have been poisoned…they have been victims of their ignorance of this deadly cocktail!

      OH GOD FORGIVE US. Please distribute this medical report as widely as possible 4 others to benefit from it, for U could save a human life.

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