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      Alade Emmanuel

      How can the Ibos term Lagos, *No man’s land*?
      And want to lay claims, they really want to hear the story of how the East originally belonged to the Yorubas, and it is out of our love and benevolence that we release it to them.

      It is high time the Yorubas recovered the East from the Ibos.

      Here is the History👇👇👇👇

      1. Anambra is a Yoruba land according to history. A Yoruba man who founded Anambra went to market but he got a call that some visitors were waiting for him, on his way home, he saw a shop where they were selling bras and decided to get for his wife which took him longer than necessary. When he got home and they asked him why he returned late, he said *’àn ńá brà’* (meaning we were bargaining bra price) that’s how they came up with the name, *Anambra.*

      Shebi all of us are now historians, let’s continue that way.

      2. I tell you. It was Ọọni Abewela who established Onitsha as a market town. He named it *Oonirisha* market but when his non Yoruba slaves, the Igbo wanted to pronounce it, they got it wrong and called it *Onitsha* . It is time we claimed our heritage.

      3. Alaafin Adegoolu established Enugu. He once married a strange but beautiful girl. He loved her so much because of her beauty. Her teeth was perfect, a reason why Alaafin used to refer to her as ‘ẹnu gún rege’ which was shortened to ‘enugun’.
      There was fight among Oloris and Alaafin did not want Enugun to be deformed due to fight so he sent her to his newly established farm settlement far in the East and even ordered people to join her there. When the new settlement was getting larger, people asked the Alaafin what name would the place be called. Alaafin replied that *let us name it after my wife Enugun* That is how the place was named and after a long time, it metamorphosed to Enugu.
      Kaaaaaabiesi o!

      Craze no be monopoly of a people😁😆😀

      4. The whole of the eastern region as we know it now belongs to the Yoruba people. During the reign of Orompoto in Oyo Kingdom, there was an invasion by the people of Cameroon. They laid siege on Oyo and kidnapped the beautiful daughter of Orompoto. Oyo army gave chase and after a turtuous journey, they caught up with the ramping army, fought with them and rescued Orompoto’s daughter. The place where they caught up with them became acamp of Orompoto’s army and when they asked the king what they should call the new town, he said *Sebi ibiyi lati ba won?* It later became Aba till today. Na Yoruba get Aba🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
      If you no gree go to court.
      (He who wants to take custody of wrong inheritance must be able to narrate wrong histories)

      Copied😂😂😂😂😂😂.. iré oo..
      Source – my late great great grand mother year 12AD

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