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      Alade Emmanuel


      Dear secondary school teachers and school owners , please , help the students and the public by ensuring that students in your school write examinations by themselves and merit the grades they brandish on their SSCE results.

      We are tired of seeing students with A1 in Mathematics but cannot resolve the smallest of fraction. A student with distinctions in Physics and chemistry but knows next to nothing about chemical reactions or energy conversion, even simple chemical formula for water.

      I had to ask some of my UG1 students to look for a tutorial teacher to help them with JS 3 and SS1 mathematics and basic science and introduction to Chemistry. The whole of them in my organic chemistry at college of Agricultural Science have excellent SSCE results and are visibly confused at the sight of any nomenclature of organic compounds. Their first semester performance betrayed the several A1s and B3s on the WAEC they carry about.

      These students you help to acquire grades they can’t defend are usually frustrated in the ivory tower. Save them a voyage of pain and regrets in the future by ensuring they are well tutored and allow to prepare and write their examinations unaided.

      Moreso, the aftermath effects of all these exam malpractices are alarming. Some of these include Sex for marks n jobs, just became they can’t cope and compete with their colleagues who are real and better off.
      The urge for quick ànd sudden wealth to cover up their shame, just because they can’t cope and continue with the ‘stress’ of academia. We all know how they intend to achieve the so called wealth and riches.
      Going into politics is another worse aspect of this.

      Please and please, Teachers, Parents, School Owners and Government Officials, let us all help our children from future embarrassment, disgrace, insults and eventual sudden fall just because of our own selfish and foolish interest.

      Thank you for your understanding

      Association of Concerned Professionals

      Good morning friends.
      I saw this on another platform and thought it will be ok to let us read and help do the needful.
      Many thanks.

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