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      Just feel the BITTERNESS of these people!!!

      Do you know that if the 2023 election had been won by Abubakar Shekau of Sambisa forest the igbos wouldn’t have made as much fuss as they do now?

      Please don’t bother with the silly crowd, just listen to the background voices of the analysts and commentators.

      One of them said “if na Atiku win, e for better”

      Another said ” make dem cancel the election. This handover no go work ”

      The other one said ” make we share the country”

      In their.mind it is not really about OBI WINNING but more about TINUBU NOT WINNING.

      You can just feel the depth of their unfounded HATRED FOR THE YORUBA PEOPLE

      It wasn’t different for Chief Obafemi Awolowo. They threw all caution to the winds in 1983 against Awolowo even after the man had helped them get a footing in Lagos. They hated him still

      It wasn’t different for Bashorun MKO Abiola even with the well-known goodness that man spread all over the country including Igbo land and his very transparent FAIRNESS. They hated him still.

      Inspite of all the qualities and attributes of Chief Olu Falae, they hated him still only to prefer Obasanjo, the NUMBER ONE HATER OF YORUBA LAND. They knew and that’s why they loved him. Today, they will tell you they voted Yoruba man in 1999.

      Tinubu spent the last 24 years trying to please them in Lagos. He practically endangered the life’s of Yoruba people to make igbos happy in Lagos. He handed Lagos State BUDGET to an Igbo man and practically expanded Lekki axis for them.

      It is the same man who they are PASSIONATELY HATING TODAY.

      Didnt Sir Ahmadu Bello enhance Chukwuma Nzeogwu’s career in the Military? Wasn’t Bello his benefactor who gave meaning to his life even when his own kinsmen couldn’t? The same Nzeogwu murdered that man in cold blood right in his wife’s bedroom

      Sir Tafawa Balewa practically handed his Government to the igbos between 1960 and 1966. The same people murdered him in cold blood.

      Didnt the Hausa-Fulani North by their hospitality, practically allowed Igbos to over run their lands from 1914 to 1966? Didnt they eventually mock them and still deride them till this day?

      Dont ever fool yourself that these sentiments of the idiots in this video is ISOLATED. Believe me it is the MINDSET OF MAJORITY OF IGBO PEOPLE, even those ones you would think are sophisticated and above primordial sentiments.

      Asíwájú Bola Tinubu, Chief Obafemi Awolowo, Bashorun MKO Abiola and men from the SW PROGRESSIVES are a major threat to the ZIONIST AGENDA OF THE IGBOS and this is what it is all about.

      The ZIONIST AGENDA of the igbos have achieved so much in the last 40years that they could risk any interferences on the process.

      It is not the desire of the ZIONISTS that Nigeria runs efficiently.

      IGBO ZIONISM, an indeed the ZIONIST IDEOLOGY/PHILOSOPHY is well served in the atmosphere of CHAOS, CORRUPTION, DESPAIR, CONFUSION, BAD GOVERNANCE , POVERTY and all those situations that are enhanced by Nigeria’s poor STRUCTURES.

      IGBOS can’t survive without Nigeria and their COVETOUS AND DISORDERLY SPIRIT will not allow them make collective progress on their region in a properly structured Nigeria Federation.

      They dont want Asíwájú because they know he will terminate their ZIONIST AGENDA and reveal just how unfortunate and parasitic the Igbo land is.

      What they want to do now is what Nzeribe did in 1993 but they are so DESPERATE now that they can actually attempt Asíwájú’s life and damn the consequences.

      All those keeping Asíwájú’s security must be extra vigilant.

      Terrible people they are in that region.

      It is the TRUTH about your MINDSET FOR THE YORUBAS, you can translate it to whatever you wish or continue those you fool with your deceit.


      ©️ Adedamola Adetayo
      10 May 2023

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