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      Alade Emmanuel


      Please, take things easy and put your total trust in God (not man).
      The rate at which people just die all of a sudden is becoming alarming.
      Most Nigerians know
      That we are in a
      Period of Frustrations,
      And the likes.
      All these increase
      The Risk of High Blood Pressure
      Which also leads to heart failure or attack
      Of course, we expect sudden Death,
      Which is now Rampant
      Please, move away from being provoked easily
      By your children,
      Husbands and Wives.
      Avoid reacting to things aggressively.
      Isolate yourself from Disturbances.
      Avoid too much thinking
      When there is no Money
      Or food at home,
      Just stay cool and calm.
      If you don’t attend that wedding this time because of aso-ebi, in nine months’ time, you will attend the child naming ceremony. Don’t borrow to buy that aso-ebi
      Avoid exchange of words with people
      At Home, Markets, Offices, etc.
      Always check your BP,
      Take your drugs,
      Follow Instructions,
      And Exercises.
      Go to see your doctor immediately if you feel changes in your body,
      Especially your Chest.
      Stay in Peace
      And never fight anyone
      Don’t be anxious for nothing. Instead, pray without ceasing
      Your health is far better than any worldly thing.
      Beware of Transferred Aggression.
      Stay alive for yourself
      Stay alive for your family
      Stay alive for your glorious tomorrow
      We only have one life to live,
      Stay alive for me. You may help me tomorrow.
      Don’t die before your time
      This phase will definitely come to an end.
      It shall be well…πŸŒΈπŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»


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