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      It is AT HOME that children should learn to say:

      01 – Hello
      02 – Good afternoon
      03 – Good evening
      04 – Please
      05 – May I
      06 – Sorry
      07 – Forgive me
      08 – Thank you very much
      09 – Thank you
      10 – I was wrong
      11 – God bless you

      It is AT HOME that we also learn to:

      01 – Be honest
      02 – Be punctual
      03 – Not to insult
      04 – Be polite
      05 – Respect everyone: friends, colleagues, elders, teachers, authorities

      Again at home we learn to:

      01 – Eat responsibly.
      02 – Not speak with a mouth full
      03 – Observe personal hygiene
      04 – Not throw waste anyhow
      05 – Help parents accomplish their daily tasks
      06 – Do not take what does not belong to us.

      Still At home we learn to:

      01 – Be organized
      02 – Take care of our, parents, siblings, and business
      03 – Not touch other people’s belongings
      04 – Respect the rules and laws
      05 – Speak our mother tongue(s); master our unharmful native culture that does not conflict with God’s commandments.
      06 – Learn not to Hate.
      07 – How to resist pride and self-aggrandizement.

      Because AT SCHOOL teachers are meant to teach, among other things;

      ■ Mathematics
      ■ English
      ■ History
      ■ Literature
      ■ Government
      ■ Geography
      ■ Foreign language
      ■ Social Science
      ■ Chemistry
      ■ Physics
      ■ Biology
      ■ Philosophy
      ■ Sociology
      ■ Physical education
      ■ Art
      ■ Civic Studies
      ■ Economics
      ■ Religious Studies
      ■ Agric Science
      ■ Commerce
      ■ Home Economics
      ■ Technical Drawing,
      … which only reinforces what the student learnt AT HOME !!!

      This is because OUR HOME upbringing determines the respect we command in our lifetime

      To All Families; Let Us Fight Together As One!!!


      We are in a time when evils are upheld, and even defended, at the expense of the good.

      Have you observed that in recent times, people don’t like to hear the truth about their children’s abnormal behaviour?

      Have you also noticed that some “accidental parents” will call you all kinds of names and even threaten to deal with you, just because you tried to correct some errors in their parenting?

      This happens, especially on social media.

      And before you know it, you are bombarded with tons of abuses for making statements that did NOT go down well with their ill-parenting method.

      And their _harsh_ responses most often start with; “How does it concern you? Is it your business how other people raise their children? Can’t you mind your own business?… etc, etc.”

      I want to tell everyone here that _it is my business_ how you raise your children.

      And it should also be your business how I raise mine; if you are indeed a parent.

      🔴 It is my business because, your ill-parented child will corrupt other children, including mine.

      🔴 It is my business because, you are likely to raise more hoodlums, prostitutes, drug addicts, rapists, etc., in addition to the ones we already have in my society; thereby making the environment unconducive and unsafe for everyone.

      🔴 It is my business because you may raise bullies and send them to the same school where normal children are.

      And we cannot afford to continue to have our innocent children recruited into dens of immorality erected by your untamed bulldogs, who you register as students in our sane children’s schools.

      🔴 It is my business because I am praying to be a father-in-law/mother-in-law of an innocent child brought home to me.

      What if fate brings them together with your ill-parented son or daughter, whom you have craftily taught the art of deceit and pretence?

      Wouldn’t that mean that I may spend the rest of my life in bitterness watching my son or daughter going through pains in their marriage?

      🔴 How you parent your children is my business because every well-parented child is a special gift from God to humanity.

      Who knows whether that child you are spoiling or neglecting today would be my destiny helper tomorrow?

      🔴 Don’t tell me to mind my business when you are raising charlatans for the waste, rather than those who would make positive impacts and contributions to mankind.

      🔴 Stop telling me to mind my business because I am a stakeholder in the upbringing of every child born in this time and season.

      Every good parent knows that we are all stakeholders in this business of raising the next generation.

      Posterity will judge us if we see or hear evil and keep mute.

      Let’s get started now!

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