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      Alade Emmanuel

      The Unsorry SORRY

      SORRYs that are not SORRYs

      When you did not feel regret for what you did…it is NOT SORRY

      When you are not convinced you are at fault…it is NOT SORRY

      When your other sense organ are doing other thing when you pronounce SORRY…it is NOT SORRY

      Okay SORRY…it is NOT SORRY

      When you shout SORRY!…it is NOT SORRY

      When you feel you retaliate and then say SORRY…it is NOT SORRY

      When your SORRY is expecting a SORRY response…it is NOT SORRY

      Saying SORRY comes with soberness…when your SORRY comes with laugh or smile…it is NOT SORRY
      But note, it is only between couples that some SORRY comes with smiles and it is taken as real SORRY based on the romantic nature of the partners of which offence can not be defined by anyone.

      Let me give you a scenario of a SORRY situation.

      I don’t know and don’t want to know the offence committed by the wife anyway. But the man was very furious and shouting in the room. The wife just use a romantic SORRY with smile to cool him down…haaa! some women are goodly tough. She just proceed to off the man trousers and begins to massage the big boy. The high tension furiousity becomes cooled down immediately like a juju….and other things follows like that like that..

      I am very sorry for keeping you wake to read this at this time.

      Have a wonderful sweet night.

      Abdulmumin Tohiru Gobir

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