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      Henry Mintzberg identified ten different roles, separated into three categories. The categories he defined are as follows:

      a) Interpersonal Roles

      The ones that, like the name suggests, involve people and other ceremonial duties. It can be further classified as follows:

      Leader – Responsible for staffing, training, and associated duties.
      Figurehead – The symbolic head of the organization.
      Liaison – Maintains the communication between all contacts and informers that compose the organizational network.

      b) Informational Roles

      Related to collecting, receiving, and disseminating information.

      Monitor – Personally seek and receive information, to be able to understand the organization.
      Disseminator – Transmits all import information received from outsiders to the members of the organization.
      Spokesperson – On the contrary to the above role, here the manager transmits the organization’s plans, policies and actions to outsiders.

      c) Decisional Roles

      Roles that revolve around making choices.

      Entrepreneur – Seeks opportunities. Basically they search for change, respond to it, and exploit it.
      Negotiator – Represents the organization at major negotiations.
      Resource Allocator – Makes or approves all significant decisions related to the allocation of resources.
      Disturbance Handler – Responsible for corrective action when the organization faces disturbances.

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