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      President Bola Tinubu is perhaps the FIRST Nigerian Leader who was prepared for the Presidency, wasn’t sponsored by anybody and who is without a Godfather.

      He doesn’t have a GODFATHER.

      NOBODY, GROUP, REGION OR POWER CENTER can boldly claim to have made Bola Tinubu the President of Nigeria.

      It is a FACT.

      1. In the YORUBA SW, even the highest levels of Afenifere Leadership betrayed him.

      Chief Ayo Adebanjo fought him to standstill.

      Chief Bode George swore that he won’t get near the office.

      Gen..Olusegun Obasanjo lost control totally and came all out to campaign against him.

      Pa Reuben Fasanranti supported him but the poor old man was too old and he wasn’t so influential.

      Members of his innermost circles, men like Rauf Aregbesola, Babafemi Ojodu, Yemi Osinbajo etc openly challenged and betrayed him.

      The majority of the Youths of Yoruba land were swayed by propaganda to hate him.

      Lagos State voted against him and so also his supposed state of origin, Osun.

      MC Oluomo can’t say he delivered Lagos to him.

      We can’t say Yoruba people made him.


      They hated him.

      They despised him.

      They lied against him.

      They did everything to ridicule and even wished him death.

      They went about with the worst calumnious campaigns against him.

      Senator Uzor Orji Kalu and Chris Ngige even as APC party members avoided him.

      UGM ARM OF IPOB was let loose on the SE to frighten everyone away and engineer hatred for APC and by extension Tinubu.

      We can’t say Igbo people made him. That will be a very crazy thing to say.

      3. The HAUSA-FULANIS of the NORTH-NORTHWEST were not committed to him.

      He lost in Kaduna of El-Rufai and in the Katsina of a sitting President Buhari.

      It doesn’t make sense to think or believe they truly helped him President.

      4. The CABALS of the Presidency and the ESTABLISHMENT of Nigeria didn’t show their faces as they have always done in the past.

      Instead Fulani Bandits increased their tempo of violent killings and kidnappings

      ASUU was inspired and frustrated by the lukewarm attitude of the FG to make our youths sit at home for unprecedented length of time, deliberate actions of Chris Ngige.

      CBN struck and citizens were made to go through the worst period of sufferings in Peace time Nigeria.

      NNPC struck and the fuel queues went for unprecedented length of time

      NEPA struck and for several months we were hearing of collapse of National grid.

      All of these happening at the same towards an all-important Presidential election where an APC candidate was involved in an APC Administration.

      The turned public opinion against him through the APC and the Presidency pretend med not to notice or moved

      Surely they were not with him, not even the sitting President was with him.

      5. We can’t say he was sponsored by the Muslims and the Christians were given an over does of Opium to hate him especially for Muslim-Muslim ticket and because of the lying Christian Obi sentiments.

      Bishop Oyedepo was openly against him.

      Pastor Enenche took it very violently personal.

      Every known Pastorpreneurs in Nigeria saw the worst of evil dreams and published satanic prophesies about Tinubu.

      Daddy G.O can’t beat his chest that he raised a finger for Tinubu. He had Yemi Osinbajo and Remi Tinubu to manage

      The Middle Belt was totally swayed away from him on account of Christian religion so we can’t say Plateau Governor helped him on account of being appointed DG of Presidential campaign.

      6. The powerful militants of Delta State supported him but he lost woefully.

      Asari Dokubo stuck out his neck in Bayelsa State but Asíwájú didn’t win.

      Wike tried for him but even the margin of victory wasn’t huge enough for him to have claimed any major influence in the victory

      7. Every single odds were against Asíwájú Bola Tinubu towards the Presidency.

      Even his party chairman tried to rob him of the party’s ticket in the days heading to the primary.

      8.. GOD ALONE in his infinite mercies wrought the miracle for him and He did it through the MOST UNLIKELY route.

      Peter Obi and his Obingos, quite unwittingly and surely without intension, by their own hateful machinations and naivety, caused the pendulum to swing in Tinubu’s favour.

      Obi and his Obidiots made Bola Tinubu Presidency happen.

      They didn’t intend it so we can’t say they made him.


      It is true the words of our Elders: When God is working to make GOOD THINGS happen for you He sometimes does it by the hands of your enemies and as they go about the task God gave them, because you weren’t privy to God’s design, you will take it that God was doing BAD THINGS to you.

      Asíwájú Bola Tinubu has come into the Presidency with all of his qualities minus Godfather.



      ©️ Adedamola Adetayo.
      20 Jun 2023

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