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      “A tree that grows in the shade does not bear fruit” ~ African Proverb

      There is a reason why Living fire begets cold, impotent ash

      Life is truly a jungle. Any attempt to manipulate life, short-change or truncate the full circle of life or experience will produce weak result.

      Have you heard this statement mostly made by African people: “I will not allow my children to pass through what I passed through” or “I have suffered all the suffer for my children, their own is to come and enjoy life”

      That’s wrong statements and the major reason the tree that grow in the shade does not bear fruit. For one to be fruitful and productive in life, one has to face life squarely and gather all the experience. There is no two ways about it. Let my children face life in their own terms and navigate through it.

      One man understood this earlier in his life and did everything possible to break way from his father’s shade, influence and identify to carve a different niche and direction for himself.

      Late Emeka Odumegwu Ojukwu, Ikemba Nnewi and Eze Ndigbo Gburugburu was the son of Sir Louis Phillip Odumegwu Ojukwu. At his peak, he was the richest man in Africa, just like Dangote of Today.

      Emeka Ojukwu early in life did not want to associate himself to his father’s firm, wealth greatness and that brought strained relationship between father and his son. His father planned what he wants him to be: study law, become a great barrister from Ojukwu dynasty but young Ojukwu had different plans for himself.

      He studied history, had master’s degree from Oxford University London and returned to Nigeria to join the civil services but later shocked everybody when he joined the Nigerian Army as recruit; becoming the first degree holder in Nigeria to do so.

      The military as at that time was considered the lot of the poor and less privileged but for the son of the richest man in Nigeria to join the army from the lowest rank was not only confusing but shocking. His father was not happy, most friends of his father and acquaintances were embarrassed but the young man progressed and quickly rose through the ranks

      Today, the rest is history. The story of Nigeria cannot be complete without mentioning his name. In fact, he helped shaped the history of Nigeria. People forget today that Louis Ojukwu had other Children after Emeka Ojukwu but his greatness envelope them all to this day.

      Ironically, Emeka Ojukwu’s sons and daughters appear to grow under their father shade, they are not able to break away from the aura of their father. Indeed, “A tree that grows in shade does not bear fruit”. You need to break out and face the realities of life.

      ~Copied from _Chinua Achebe’s Quotes and Proverbs_’ page on Facebook

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