Is It Bad to Like Food?

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      My boyfriend has finally decided to introduce me to his family. Today is his uncle’s birthday and he wants to take me to the party.

      It’s not like I am not a wife material o, the only problem is that I love food too much especially food from parties 😂. It’s not because of poverty, I just can’t control myself when it comes to food.

      Before leaving the house, I made sure I went prepared. I carried a big bag. Inside the bag was a cooler and nylon. one for soup and the other one for rice.

      My boyfriend and I got to the party late. He looked for a seat for me under the canopy and went inside.

      I didn’t like my seat because it wasn’t in a strategic position. “How rice want take reach me for here” I wondered.

      Few minutes later, my boyfriend came to inform me that he’d be stepping out to run an errand. He apologized and left.

      I was so happy. “It’s time to strategize” I declared.

      I moved from my seat to another canopy where I saw two big coolers at the front. I sat down ready for business.

      They started sharing food and they skipped me. Omo, I was already boiling. I looked at my previous canopy and they were already eating. I decided to go back there.

      I sat down impatiently. It was close to my turn when they said no food again. Ahhhh!

      I went to one corner and started crying 😭. I was still crying when I saw some people scrambling for takeaway. With full speed, I went there.

      I was pushing everyone with force. During the process, a plate of rice poured on my body. That didn’t make me stop. I continued my hustle.

      To calm the situation, they asked us to be on a line. I quickly positioned myself close to the front of the line. I was still standing when I heard someone whisper into my ears

      “Don’t tell anyone you came with me. Just go home from here and make sure you block my number, Omo Ale”

      I looked back, it was my boyfriend who has been looking for me everywhere 😅.

      What did I do wrong?

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